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What is inferiority complex?

Inferiority complex is that feeling that develops in a person with a period of time. In this state, person belief that he or she is some way deficient than others. 

Inferiority complex develops in a person when someone constantly reminds him, his limitations. Living with inferiority complex means you constantly experience feelings of inadequacy.

And Do you know?

Unchecked inferiority complex may lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. According to some research, individuals with increased feelings of inferiority complex have a higher tendency towards self concealment, which in turn results in an increase in loneliness and decrease in happiness.

What are the symptoms of inferiority complex?

The common signs of inferiority complex are as follows-

1. You need constant validation.

2. You are overly sensitive to other people's perception.

3. You never put your opinion anywhere.

4. Constructive criticism is particularly hard for you.

5. You try to cut off yourself from social media and public meetings.

6. You crave for flattery at every moment.

7. You procastinate more often.

8. You always try to cover up your flaws.

9. You always want to give up, if the situation is not according to you.

10. When anxiety and depression become your best friend then definitely you are having an inferiority complex.

Now the question arises....

How can you cure inferiority complex?

The answer to this question is as follows-

1. First of all if you want to overcome inferiority complex then you must start examining the root cause behind it.

2. Always develop a habit to read motivational quotes or books.

3. Recharge and be enthusiastic about new things and that will leave you no time for being sensitive.

4. Support the right thoughts without ego. Be humble. Don't leave the selfishness dominate you.

5. Tackle your past with full confident and deal your emotional sentiments very well.

6. Never ever take people's comment too personally whether the comment is good or bad. Always remember it is their perception, their way of thinking , and that comment is definitely not about me.

7. Make a habit to put yourself above over others.

8. Always be kind to yourself.

9. Always see happiness in small things.

10. Always have the courage to express your views or opinions in public without any fear.

11. Embrace the glorious mess, that you are.

12. Find something to be grateful for everyday.

13. Every morning make a habit of giving you atleast 30 minutes and in this " me time " try to disconnect with the world by doing meditation and try to create thoughts only of what we want it reality. In these 30 minutes try to connect with the creator of this world and try to give blessings to everyone and yourself too.

You know what?

Living on your own money is hard !

Living on your family's money is hard!

Single is hard, Relationship is hard!

Fit is hard, obesity is hard!

Job is hard, starting your own business is hard!!

Communication is hard, and not being able to communicate is hard!!

Independent is hard, being dependent is hard!

Everything in life is hard,

Nothing is easy!!

But the best thing is... ..

You can choose your hard!

So, choose your hard wisely!

Because nothing comes easy , you need to decide..

What is the hard that you wanna choose!!

Always remember that, 

"Anything can Be Possible If You Believe In Yourself."

Only we can become our best friend, our biggest supporter.
We can definitely count on ourselves to be there with us when no one is there with us.
Only we can encourage us to do some positive things in our life.
So always believe yourself.

Someone has rightly said that,

Nothing or nobody can make you feel something you don't think.Your thinking, and only your thinking, creates your feeling.🙂

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