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The way Corona's second wave is making new records every day is a matter of concern. As such, allowing the use of Sputnik-V vaccine developed in Russia by the country's drug regulatory body DCGI is a welcome decision. The government has also decided to import other approved vaccines from WHO. If these steps had been taken earlier, it would have been much better. Then perhaps we could have saved many valuable lives. After all, many state governments were saying that they have only stock for a few days.

However, Sputnik-V is a reliable vaccine and has been approved by around 60 countries in the world. The results of its last phase, published in the science magazine The Lancet, show it to be 92 percent effective. Then this vaccine is also considered safe for the youth. In such a situation, at the present time, the minimum limit of 45 years has been kept, after the arrival of Sputnik and other vaccines, the government will be able to make this scope more flexible.

We cannot ignore the fact that India has reached second place in the total number of Covid infections after the US.

We need more and more screening and vaccination to stop the spread of the virus. But in the case of investigation too, complaints have been received from many places that there is no investigation kit or results are being received after several days. The government initially made a good move when it allowed some reliable laboratories and private hospitals to conduct investigations.

But then there were many limitations on them as well. Because of this, they were not motivated for large investments. Given the state of the state's government's health infrastructure and the current critical situation of the epidemic, it is very important that the government move forward in the direction of screening and vaccination through PPP model. In addition, the private sector also needs to be encouraged to expand the ventilator facility. Obviously, the government has to take them along and provide facilities to the public, then they will have to make some concessions.

Only then will the pressure on the government health infrastructure be reduced and this emergency situation will also be better countered.

It is a good thing that the government has currently banned the export of life-saving injection ramadhesivir. But it will also have to assure other vaccine companies that they will not suffer any losses, so that they can expand their systems to produce more.

America has put more than 19 crore vaccines on this path. There is a need for constant public awakening at the level of the people in India as well. It is worth noting that the head of the World Health Organization has again warned that the epidemic is not going away quickly and that the vaccine is a powerful weapon in this war, but it is not the only weapon.

The need for masks, physical distance and ventilation will remain for a long time. 

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