Human thoughts are basis of life






Three passersby met under a tree on the way. All three went on a long journey. Sitting in the thick shade of the tree for a while to relax. The trio had two bags, one bag hanging forward and the other hanging backwards.

The three sat together and started talking here and there like who came from where?

Where to go?

How far apart?

Who's at home

Many questions that strangers want to know about each other.

All three passengers were of same height, but their facial expressions were different. One felt very frustrated as if the journey had made it cumbersome. The second was tired but did not seem cumbersome and the third was in great bliss.

A Mahatma sitting far away was smiling upon seeing him.

Then all three looked at the Mahatma and after going to them, the three asked why they were smiling?

In response to this question, the Mahatma asked the three that you have two bags, in one of these you will see the goodness of the people and in the other bag you have to keep evil of people,

So tell me.. What will you do?

One said in the bag ahead of me, I will keep evil so that I stay away from them all my life. And I will keep goodness behind.

The other said, I will put goodness ahead so as to become like them and evil behind so as to be good with them. 

The third said, I will keep the good in front so that I will be satisfied with them and keep the evil behind and make a hole in the back bag so that the burden of evil has been reduced and good will remain with me, that is, he wanted to forget the evil.

Hearing this, the Mahatma said......

The first one who looks tired of traveling, who said that he will put evil in front, is tired of life like this journey because his thoughts are negative and life is difficult for him.

The other who is tired but not disappointed, who said that he will put the good in front, but in trying to be better than the evil, he gets tired because he is competing unnecessarily.

The third one who said that he puts the good ahead and wants to forget the evil behind, is satisfied and is enjoying life.

Dear friends always remember this that.....

Until a person discovers evil in others, he cannot be happy, life is also a journey in which positive thinking makes life happy.😊

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