How to Turn a Website Into A Mobile App?






There is a debate going on regarding Mobile App versus Mobile Website among people; which is better and why. As they say, stats never lie; we can take help from stats to resolve this discussion. There was a time when websites were in complete control because of the fewer number of mobile users. Therefore, online traffic mainly came from desktop devices rather the mobile phones. However, from the last ten years to so, the trends have changed completely. Now, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile users rather than desktop devices. See the graph below to understand it. A more significant chunk of mobile phone traffic is going to mobile Apps now. Therefore, it is wise to move your business to mobile apps besides maintaining your presence on websites.We will here discuss the ways how one can turn website into mobile app.

But before we move to discuss the tools to turn a web app into a mobile app, it is important to compare the working of a website or responsive web design with a mobile app.

A Responsive Web Design Vs. a Mobile Application

A responsive web design is the mobile version of a desktop website. A responsive web design has all the basic features of a website. To create it, a web designer performs coding to resize and rearrange the existing website. Except for the small rearrangements to make it more compatible with smartphones, it has all the basic website features.

The responsive web design provides better speed and compatibility to its users as compared to its original version. But still, this kind of website doesn’t offer the same user experience that a mobile app can guarantee you.

As compared to a website or responsive web design, a mobile application is downloadable through application stores. These websites are compatible with their relative devices. Therefore, it is faster and more responsive. A mobile application also offers limited access to its features without an internet connection.

You cannot replace a mobile app with a responsive web design. If you want to increase your revenue and attract more users, the mobile application is the best option.

Convertor Platforms to Turn a Website into a Mobile App

Many options are available online to turn web app into mobile app. We will discuss only the best platforms to Turn Your Website into an iOS App/Mobile App.


The platform uses an easy drag-and-drop function to build apps and can be used to turn a website into a mobile app. It enables you to select your business images, color scheme, and also integrate the website/blog with the app through the RSS feed.


If you are running a digital business, WebViewGold is there for you to turn your website into an iOS app or Android app. It also offers many features like URL Handling, Offline Fallback, and high-performance options. You can include push notifications, ads, and much more to the newly designed app.

ii)  Onbile

Another tool to Turn a Web App into a Mobile App is Onbile. It provides you a perfect platform to build your application. It has a large collection of built-in templates that you can edit to achieve your desired mobile app. Each template is well designed and offers all the basic features, including photos, videos, and social media profile integration.

iii)   DWNLD

It is a new platform but has gained its reputation rapidly in the market. It supports both Android and iOS applications. It comes with many features that make it best for you. For example, you can include all kinds of content using DWNLD, including social media feeds, media players, and many more to your mobile application.

iv)       MobiLoud

MobiLoud is an excellent tool to convert WordPress websites into mobile apps. MobiLoud comes with very unique features that are worth mentioning. It is not only offering basic features like push notifications, offline support, and social media sharing integration but also enables you to customize the appearance of articles on your application.

Hiring an App Development Company- A Worth Trying Option to Turn a Website into a Mobile App

You can also hire a company to build a mobile application for you. It is a perfect choice if you need complete control over the functions of your application.

1.       Native applications are designed with native APIs, unlike converted applications that look like a mobile version of a desktop website. They are naturally designed to integrate with the device.

  1. By hiring an app development company, you can include custom functions and features in your app. You can also upgrade your application according to your future requirements.
  2. A developed application is faster than a converted application. It is much more stable and attracts more users.

The Final Words

Mobile Apps are your best friends if you want to expand the business or want to extend your reach to more people. The majority of online traffic is coming from mobile users now. This means, through reaching out to these people, we can convey our mission to an increasing number of people. If you are running a website these days, you can turn it into a mobile app by using the above-given tools or by hiring an App Development Company.

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