How to be a good buddy.






"How can I be a good buddy?", has this question ever lingered in your mind?

Well, here is the answer to that question.

A lasting friendship takes a lot of time and efforts. A true friend will always want to know how they can become a good pal and they also try to do everything possible in order to be a good friend.

So here is a few thing that can be done to become a good friend or best buddy of someone.

  1. Don't be someone friend to use them - If you want to be a good friend you should never try to be friend someone for your own benefit. This will have very bad effect on the person and the bond between the two friends. Try not to be an opportunist and a shallow person who just makes someone their friend just to use them. Before becoming someone's friend for your advantage think once, how you would feel if someone did that same thing to you.
  2. Say sorry for your mistakes - Saying sorry for your mistakes would not harm you in any way. If you do something wrong or you realize that you have made a mistake, just say sorry and say like you mean it. Apologizing for your fault will make your friendship stronger and long lasting as there will be less chance of misunderstandings or fight.
  3. Be Trustworthy - Your friend should be able to trust you. If you think you cannot keep a promise from your friend don't make a promise, it is that simple. And if by chance you forget your promise someday, explain the situation to your friend. By doing this, you are ensuring that trust is building up between you and your friend.
  4. Keep supporting your pal - You should be there for your friend to support him or her in their hard times, everyone needs someone who will support them in their life. It is the most important thing that you can do to be a good friend.
  5. It's okay to disagree - There comes some times in friendship when you disagree with your friend and its okay. You should disagree with respect, you should not hurt their feelings. Agreeing with everything is not friendship and is also not okay. Try to learn more about your friend views on the thing you disagree and also you can explain your perspective to your friend.
  6. Loyalty is the key to a good friendship - Always remember, A loyal friend is better than many disloyal friends. Be loyal to your friend if you want to be a good friend. Don't gossip about your friend with everyone else you know and also don't let other speak bad of your friend. Spend time with your friend and bond with each other.
  7. Never let your friend feel alone - If you are in a group with your friend never let your friend feeling alone or left out. If your friend leaves you alone feeling left out, how would you feel? It is not good to leave your friend alone if you have made new friends or boyfriend or girlfriend.
  8. Listen to what your friend says - Being a good listener will help you a lot in being a good friend. If your friend wants to say something to you, you should listen. Don't always keep talking about you and your problems, listen to them also. Listening to them will let them know that you care.
  9. Keep secrets - If your friends tells you something or shows you something and says to keep that between you and your friend. Keep that secret to yourself. Don't blabber that to someone else.
  10. Give the space that your buddy needs - Good friendship does not mean that you always have to be together. You friend also needs some space and time for themselves. So, you should give your friend the space they need to keep the bond intact.
  11. Don't hold grudges - You should learn to forgive your friend for their mistakes. Holding grudges will do no good for your friendship it will only create a barrier between you and your friend. Try to forgive and move on if your friend sincerely apologizes to you for their mistakes.
  12. Don't try to change you friend - If you are a good friend, you will accept your friends just the way they are, just like they accept you. Do not try to change your friend unnecessarily.

All of these are the ingredients of a good friendship. A true friend will always be trustworthy and dependable. If you keep in mind these things, there is not stopping you from becoming a great pal or a good friend and your friendship will stay strong and last forever.

Hope you got the answer of "How to be a good buddy?"

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