How long will the vaccine work?






When more than 40 million people have been vaccinated in India, then the question naturally arises in the minds of the people that

How long will the corona vaccine remain effective?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) director Dr Randeep Guleria, while answering this question on Saturday, said that the Covid-19 vaccine could give complete protection from infection for eight to ten months and perhaps even longer.

He did not present the figures related to this, so it should be assumed that this is a speculation. Currently, no expert or scientist in the world has said any such thing about Covid-19 vaccine, so the message of Dr. Guleria has gone all over the world.

This question must surely be asked,

What is the basis for presenting the estimate of eight-ten months?

Does the vaccine produce antibodies or immunity in the body, its duration is only eight or ten months?

Scientists should study it in depth, but it will have to wait at least one or two years, only then, based on experience and data, will determine how long the Coron vaccine remains effective.

Obviously, if the vaccine can only give us protection for eight to ten months, then it means, after this time the vaccine will need to be taken again, then will the government provide free vaccines?

What will be the burden on the government and what will be the fair price of the vaccine?

Companies should also keep in mind what the cost of a vaccine that is effective for eight to ten months should be. We should note that the Corona vaccine is not being used under normal conditions.

It takes years to assess the impact of any vaccine. We should hope that there will be a vaccine, which will be possible to prevent corona throughout life with a single dose. Right now, three vaccines are being used in the United States, but no vaccine has been said for how long it will work. Scientists want to wait for its announcement.

There are many questions in the vaccine world, which scientists will have to answer. Currently, 96 vaccines are showing candidacy in the world. 27 vaccines are in the third phase of testing and in most countries only 13 vaccines have been recognized so far. No vaccine is considered more than 85 percent successful in the world so far.

Meaning that 15 percent of the people taking the vaccine are feared to have corona again and 85 percent of the people who are getting the vaccine proven to be in need of vaccines again after ten months,

how will the vaccination campaign end?

It is not possible in the next one year to give vaccination to everyone at the speed we are going.

Worries that Corona is not going to be seen yet. If this continues like this,

how will 130 crore people be vaccinated in India every year?

Of course, the only way to win over Corona is through caution and as far as the confirmed vaccine is concerned, we will have to wait.

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