How Do You Clean A Wedding Dress






Many people wonder how to clean their wedding dress. Here at The Wedding Dress Specialists, we know how to clean your dress so it will shine and look like new. We have some of the most professional Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners Australia who know how to clean your precious dress in the most efficient way. Here we have described all the steps needed for the process of wedding dress cleaning.  So, if you want to opt for DIY wedding dress cleaning, just continue reading and you will find out a lot of advice based on real experience.

The Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners Australia begin each cleaning process with a thorough inspection. They first find out what kind of stains there are. They look for all common problems that wedding dresses might have and then they further plan how to clean that precious garment. A special approach is provided to every cleaning project that ensures your wedding dress will be cleaned the right way. A special cleaning method is applied for the exact stain or dirt which can include perspiration stains, drink stains, food residues, as well as hem line dirt.

Moreover, the Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners Australia also look for “invisible” stains so that no food or drink stain can remain on the dress. They use a black light which is considered to be the most effective method. For example, there are stains like white cake icing, sprite or champagne that are hard to see on a white wedding dress. So if they left ignored, they will lead to yellowing through time. As a result, insects will appear soon and they will damage a wedding dress after some time.

Once you bring your dress to the professionals at The Wedding Dress Specialists, they will also inspect whether there is torn fabric and lose hems or not. If any damage is found by the experts, they will discuss it with the bride. If she wants, they will repair that dress in no time at all. However, if the bride doesn’t want to have it repaired, the experts will put in a stitch in order to avoid worse results.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Australia

When you get services by The Wedding Dress Specialists, they first of all, soak the hem line and spot treat any kind of dirt that was found in the process of inspection. This spot treatment handled during pre-cleaning usually depends on type of fabric as well as nature stain. As these experts at The Wedding Dress Specialists have much experience in this field, they know that any wrong cleaning method can cause a lot of damage. The wrong formula can leave your dress discoloured. 

Based on the fabric and care label instructions, our professional cleaners will either dry clean or wet clean your wedding dress. Most of all, if there is a silk wedding dress they dry clean it but if there is a polyester wedding dress, they usually wet clean it. However, a wedding dress may also contain silk and polyester layers and their cleaning is much more critical.

Never think twice and count on The Wedding Dress Specialists for the highest quality and affordable Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Australia. Of course, you can clean your dress on your own but note that you may end up damaging your wedding dress. If you clean your dress yourself you can save a few dollars but you can also have very bad results.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Once our Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners Australia clean your wedding dress, they will inspect it again and again. This helps them to identify each and every problem area. If needed, our specialists can clean your wedding gown again and deliver your dress in its superior condition.

Bride Inspection

After the inspection, our experts will invite you (the bride) to inspect your dress yourself so you can be sure everything is done in an excellent way. When everything is perfect, they place it in the preservation box. For our wedding dress cleaners, each bride’s satisfaction is the most important thing.

Always Trust Specialists

The Wedding Dress Specialists is one of the top companies out there that has gained all brides’ trust. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable and trained wedding gown dry cleaners, so you can always rely on us. We have a mission to leave our clients happy and satisfied. We ensure that we will never outsource your dress for cleaning or do something wrong that will leave you dissatisfied. With our professional team, you can always expect the best services, prices as well as individual approach tailored to your requirements.

Our cleaners a recertified and they have already gained much popularity due to their professionalism and excellent skills. We are a leading company where you can get a national, online booking service for your wedding gown cleaning and preservation. As mentioned above, we always use the latest methods and suitable products while cleaning your lovely dress. We also offer a revolutionary preservation technique which is second to none, so rest easy knowing you will have great experience with us.

When you compare our prices with other companies’ offers you will realise that we charge less and our solutions are much more effective than you could imagine. Never think twice and hire us because our wedding dress cleaning team is always ready to take care of your precious dress. Look no further than The Wedding Dress Specialists and contact us, so we can provide more details.

However, if you have decided to try and clean your wedding gown on your own, without anybody’s help, we advise you to do it only if you have a polyester wedding dress. You should leave your silk wedding dress cleaning to specialized dry cleaners as they know how to clean every kind of wedding gown. If you still think of DIY wedding dress cleaning, then we can we do? We can only say good luck!

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