Hovering crisis of Covid-19 againšŸ˜°






The government has now allowed all the citizens above the age of 45 to get vaccinated by including the new age group in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign from the next 1 April. Of course, this is comforting news and will increase the pace of vaccination. Till now, all the people above 60 years had this facility. However, even younger patients of other serious diseases were allowed to get vaccinated.

But seeing the rapid increase in the number of infections in the country, the need was felt to expand its scope, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh appealed to the Center to allow the youth to get vaccinated. Punjab is one of the states where the new wave of Corona is causing more concern.

The severity of the situation seems to be the reason that the Chief Minister has warned that there are already many restrictions in the state and if the people are not sensitive to the Covid-Protocol, then the government will be bound for further sanctions. The first lockdown began in India exactly one year before today.

After that, there should be no need to remind him of the difficulties that the country has to face, because he has not yet landed in the mind of all of us. But at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, many experts across the country and the world had warned that precautionary measures should be continued along with the vaccine, but the statistics on the negligence on that front are showing.

In the last 24 hours, the number of new positive cases in the country has gone up to 40,700. In Maharashtra alone, around 25,000 cases are being reported daily. Punjab, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also seeing rapid growth.

The Health Minister of Maharashtra has said that if this increase continues in the next few days, the state government will consider an option like complete lockdown in Mumbai and some other cities.

That is, after one year, today we are standing again at the same turn, where an uncertainty has started swinging on us. At that time, we did not have any medicine, vaccine, whereas today nearly five crore people in the country have received their first dose of vaccine, rather many people have received both the doses and now the number of vaccines daily is also 30 million. Has gone beyond As such, at this time the country needs the true support of its citizens. Covid - Sincere handling of the protocol is the biggest patriotism at the moment.

Remember, any situation like lockdown will be the most deadly for the middle class, lower middle class and poor. In the last one year, the financial condition of these classes has gone down. With the gradual return of economic activity to his track, his hopes were also alive, then this new wave has raised concern. The provinces in which the virus is spreading its feet the fastest, are important regions to speed up the economy of the country.

Therefore, to expand and speed up the vaccination campaign, in order to make it effective, in the next few months, we will inevitably have to adopt the mantra of wearing masks, keeping distance and washing hands. Salvation from this crisis is possible only with collective cooperation.

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