Hire a Chimney Repair Company Wisely






When you hire a chimney repair company, the service should be professional and prompt at an affordable price. A professional company has experienced staff members and industry tools. An experienced service provider has the legal qualifications to work properly. It also has insurance in case the employees make any mistake in the workplace.

But when it comes to the yearly inspection of the chimney, a lot of homeowners simply search “Ottawa roofing contractor” on Google instead of researching properly. So, before you do so, here is what you need to know –

Time to Schedule the Chimney Inspection

Winter is amazing weather. It makes us want to fill our hearts with love, warmth, and a fireplace! To keep that fire in place, get your chimney inspected once a year. This usually takes place before using the fireplace in the season. A lot of homeowners attempt to save money through chimney inspection in the spring season. But this can risk damage by summer storms. All the money is not worth risking the entire chimney.

When you hire a chimney inspector, he will not only look for bird nests and stray mice but also signs of venting problems and deterioration. He will also inform whether or not you require to clean the chimney to prevent fire. A chimney inspector will also ensure that the fireplace does not stink or give a woody odor. Contact a reliable Ottawa roofing company to get reliable service in a quick time.

Common Chimney Repair Issues

Chimney does not have one simple issue; it can face multiple problems. Not every house in the city has to deal with the same problems. Here are some of the common problems faced by homeowners –

1. Flue Replacement: During the construction of a chimney, there is an inner lining or flue made of brick, clay, or metal. It protects the chimney from catching fire. Some flue materials are vulnerable to pulling away or cracking away from the chimney. It leads to contraction and expansion along with some temperature changes. The most resistant material for flue is steel.

2. Blockage Remediation: Anything can block the chimney exit like crumbling masonry or tree limbs. It can pose an immediate risk to the people at home and gives you a reason for the inspection. Every chimney repair service uses multiple tools to repair different kinds of blockages. Technicians will always know the best way to clean the chimney without any additional damage.

3. Creosote Removal: When the wood burns, creosote (thick particles) moves up through the chimney. Its sticky residue remains in the damper, chamber, and flue. If this buildup becomes ¼-inch thick, the chimney becomes a fire hazard. This thick layer can also prevent ventilation that puts the entire family at risk.

4. Mortar Replacement: Although the brick of the chimney can survive for over 100 years, it still needs maintenance regularly. This is specific to the case when you have to repair the mortar. If you wait a long time to get it replaced, the problems will be worse and expenses will be high.

5. Cap and Crown Replacement: The chimney crown covers up the top of the chimney. It prevents the water from entering the house. Cap on the other hand prevents water from entering the flue. As soon as the moisture gets inside the chimney, a lot of damage can happen. Factors like changing temperature, debris, beating rain, and harsh wind can damage the cap and crown. Although most of the homeowners can replace cap and crown, in some situations, you have to seal both of them efficiently to keep away the water.

Choose the Right Chimney Repair Company

An easy way to find the right chimney repair company is by talking to your neighbors and professionals in a similar field. If you have hired a company that does masonry and roofing work, it might help you with the referral. You can also check the reviews for the roofing company online on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.


In case you are new to the area, always pay attention to the similar kind of contractors. You can also check out the community partners that have a good reputation and operate legally in the state. Although a lot of people are tempted to save money by hiring a novice. If you want to hire the best Ottawa roofing contractor, it is time to contact Vertical Limit Roofing. One of the leading companies in the city, we make sure that your chimney is in top condition throughout the year. Contact us today to know more and we will be more than happy to help!

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