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With the availability of information on the internet, magazines have become very outdated. No one wants to read a magazine. People find it convenient to read articles available on different websites. But not everyone is of the same kind. There are still some people who prefer to read magazines rather than going for the articles available online especially the people living in rural areas. People who live in rural areas read agriculture magazine to get to know about various techniques of agriculture. Now there are two main reasons why people in rural areas read magazines. One is that they don’t have access to the internet and the other is the language barrier. The articles available online are in the English language which inhibits the farmers to read them. The magazines come in the Hindi language because of which farmers can read them and get to know the necessary information. These magazines contain information related to farming and this piece of text helps the farmers to become aware of the latest developments happening around them.

Why Agriculture Magazines are needed:

 Magazines related to agriculture itself explain its importance and need. Farmers are usually unaware of various techniques and measures that they should adopt to increase the fertility of their crops and agriculture magazines help them to make them aware of certain things. Reading such magazines can enhance their knowledge and their capability of doing work. When the latest techniques and methods are known to them then they will be able to complete their work easily and efficiently.

 These magazines are also helpful to make rural people financially stable. Many people in rural areas are struggling to find ways to earn and do something in the agriculture field and are in a position of good financial standing but due to a lack of innovative ideas, they are not able to do so. These magazines help people to make their dreams come true and lead a happy life. The best part about these magazines is that it encourages women also to work and earn money for their livelihood. It induces the women in rural areas to indulge in such work so that they can also become independent and do whatever they want to.

 These agriculture magazines also teach people about the importance of the environment and how they can adopt various ways to save their mother earth. From wasteland development to the cultivation of organic crops, these magazines have all sorts of information to educate the farmers more about farming. These magazines have proved to be very fruitful for the farmers as it has shown great results. People in rural areas read such magazines and after implementing various ways they have managed to grow a lot. With an increase in their income, they have managed to improve their quality of living and their lifestyle. Now they know the harmful effects of tobacco and liquor and they have stopped consuming it and they have also started spreading this useful information to others too so that they can also stop consuming it further. 

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