Haryana in trouble






The fallout of the motion of no confidence moved by the Congress against the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar's government in Haryana is as natural as it is learnable. The no-confidence motion presented on Wednesday was debated, but each party issued a whip for its legislators. In such a situation, the Congress, which the Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) expected from the government, got its hands tied to the legislators.

Even the JJP MLAs who expressed outrage outside could not think of going against the party whip. By the way, the Congress too had an idea of ​​what was going to happen. The Congress had earlier said that its purpose is to expose the BJP and the JJP. As the opportunity for a speech against the government comes after the motion of no-confidence motion, the Congress took advantage. It was clear from the speech of Chief Minister Khattar in the Legislative Assembly that the Congress has raised the nand of the ruling party.

On the morality scale, what Congress did was a waste of time in the House, but if we look at it from a political perspective, then there is nothing new in it. Any opposition party has the facility to test the weakness or strength of the government from time to time.

While the politics of Punjab is still at peace, there is tension in Haryana, especially from the grassroots to the assembly. In fact, agitating peasants have been besieging the ruling leaders from place to place, causing problems for the leaders in some areas.

Although the farmer movement is being described as nationwide, there is no doubt that the ruling leaders of Haryana are under maximum pressure. The politics and public representatives of western Uttar Pradesh are also tense, but if any state is facing the heat of the movement, then it is Haryana, where the Congress had made provision for contract farming while in power, but now it is against the agricultural laws. 

While the BJP is in favor of agricultural laws, the JJP MLAs who are in power have been resenting relentlessly and the Opposition has been getting opportunities to doubt the government's strength. However, the notice of no-confidence motion was signed by 25 of the 30 Congress MLAs. He himself is not unanimous.

The no-confidence motion may have fallen, but the ruling leaders in Haryana will be in jeopardy as long as the agitation continues.

Who would be praised for baking political rotis on its flame?

Today, no matter which party takes advantage of the movement immediately, the questions of the farmers will be troubled by everyone in the long-term.

If the answers to the farmers' questions were as easy, the movement would not have taken so long. As far as the politics of states is concerned, it is also complex. At the time of the Kisan movement, in Punjab, where the BJP has had to face the brunt, in Gujarat, it has emerged as a big winner. On the other hand, no single party is getting any benefit or loss. It is a sign that late-morning everyone will probably have to work together to try a solution.

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