Grain Temperature Cables: A Tool That Can Boost Your Profit






What if the farm produce or the grains that are stored get rotted and attract mold? What if the soy looks like baked beans? What if the corn is high in moisture and tends to grow fungus? There are similar horrible instances that may not only ruin the yield but all the fruits of your labor will go wasted. More than that you will lose a huge share of profit, only if the grains are not stored properly. Overlooking even the minute details may bring unfortunate results such as loss of stored grains. Therefore, farmers need to deal with each and every challenge that falls on their way from the date of preparing soil till the date of selling the harvested yield. 

It is only with the use of the latest agricultural technology and agriculture equipment that the farmers can safeguard and increase the yield. Agriculture equipment such as grain temperature cables and standard closing wheels have provided better production and storage facilities for the farmers. The standard closing wheels are effective for better and consistent germination and emergence. On the other hand, the grain temperature cables are useful equipment for storing the grains in a safe and secure environment by continuously monitoring and tracking the temperature and moisture content of the grains in the bin.

Grain Temperature Monitoring

To fight against the challenges and issues that arise due to change in the weather conditions is a huge battle to fight that is faced by all the farmers throughout the world. A loss in the farm produce is a pain to the farmers for they not only lose the future profits but also the time, labor, and efforts go wasted.

Monitoring and maintaining the temperature of the grains that are stored in bins and piles becomes difficult especially when the conditions of the weather are not favorable.  Irrespective of the type of grain like corn, soy, wheat, etc. the temperature is the key to retain the quality of the yield.

One of the most useful tools is the grain temperature cables that are not only reliable but efficiently protect the harvested grains. The grain temperature cables are able to continuously monitor and track the conditions of the grain.  They gather the information and immediately let you know about the storage conditions so that you can be assured if the temperature is stable or not. Any errors or changes in the temperature can be easily brought to the notice of the farmers and the same can be rectified immediately.

These are smart agriculture equipment that can track the temperature of the grains at various spots within the storage bin. The information gathered can be used for effective actions that include aeration of the grain with the help of operating fans in the bin.  These grain temperature cables are connected to the Grain Temp Guard Alarm DT/HT to maintain the temperature between the two set parameters that consist of low and high-temperature levels. In case the temperature of the grains at any spot goes beyond the set parameters, the farmer will get the information through a triggered alarm and corrective actions and measures can be taken immediately.


What are the benefits of using grain temperature cables?


As discussed above, the maintenance of the right temperature of the grains is a menace that every farmer deals with round the year with the harvested grain. The benefits of grain temperature cables are many and helpful in retaining the huge profits to the farmers.

A change in the temperature may indicate the presence of mold, attract insects as well as pest infestation.  All these are the reasons that eat away a lot of stored grains. As such the loss of even a single grain means the loss of hard days’ labor of the farmers.  The temperature cables are equipped with sensors that can identify the temperature and if there are any changes in the moisture content of the grain. 

Early detection can lead to early solutions that will eventually prevent the risk of huge losses.  They can be placed on the top, bottom and core of the stored grains. In fact, you can place them according to your preference near the bin wall as well as the core. So that the temperature from all sides can be tracked and the farmer can take the most suitable solution.


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