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Local SEO is all about promoting your business around a certain area. If you run your own physical store like a restaurant, grocery store, etc. then local SEO can prove to be very helpful for you.

Local SEO can help in bringing a local customer to a business. Hence, this results in brand awareness and generating more sales and revenue.

What Is Local SEO?

When you search for "Digital Marketing", it is called a standard or normal search. In this, your website can rank anywhere. The place is no longer valued.

If you search for "Digital Marketing Institute near me" local search comes in. This result vary from location to location. In this, you will get the name of the nearby website or institute or the thing you have searched for.

According to Google, 46% of searches are local queries.


What Is Google My Business?  

Google My Business (GMB) is a way to locate your business in Google locally or otherwise.  As soon as you click on a listing, then you get more information related to that business.

Google My Business consumes information in many ways such as Google Maps or local places.

A major part of Local SEO is to make your GMB profile up to date and accurate so that it has more chances of appearing in the local pack.


10 Reasons You Need A Local SEO

10 reasons you need to use Local SEO to grow your business: -

Local Customers have Started using the Internet Nowadays

In today's era, the yellow pages have been overtaken by Google My Business. You do not need to open that thick yellow page directory right now. You can learn all the business you need by just searching.

Some stats that will make you think about local business: -

     46% of Google searches are local.

     64% of local customers always use search engines and directories.

     50% of local customers usually call after seeing reviews and ratings.

     78% of local customers do business.

Local Searches are very Targeted and Timely

Finding a local business is the first main reason for doing a local search. Finding the same product or service is the second main reason for local search.

If the local SEO is done well, you can make your brand to be aware in the minds of people. Gradually people will start coming towards your business. There is no better time to connect with a potential customer when they really need you.

More Business comes Through Local Searches than any Other Advertisement

Local listings such as JustDial, Google My Business, etc. are quite common on Google's first page. When people need, then they search and search for business according to their needs.

50% of people convert more from local business marketing.

Mobile Internet Usage is Increasing

People always find businesses according to their needs.  If your business shows in this, then your chances of sales will increase.

Local SEO is very Good ROI (Return On Investment)

Traditional advertising such as newspaper ads, leaflets, direct mail, etc. is an old-fashioned method. It is not so effective nowadays.

At the same time if you can reach customers using Local SEO at a time when they need your products and services. This is why Local SEO is a cheap and accessible option.

Currently, only 50% of Businesses Use Google My Business

Google My business is a free listing that Google has provided. But even then, most people do not use it either, they are not aware of it. In this case, you can use GMB to expand your business.

Local SEO Listing is a Free Service

Many listings like GMB, Bing Places, etc. are the same service that can be used by anyone. This means you can do Local SEO without any investment.

30% People use Print Newspaper

Nowadays people like to read print things less. People always read the news along with their other work using mobile. That is why local SEO becomes very important right now.

Positive Reviews make People Excited to Buy Products

A strong profile is a major role in the success of many local businesses. So increase your company's online reputation, ask trusted customers to leave positive reviews about your business online - and attract hundreds of new customers.

Local Customers use the Internet for Information

These days, people rely on the Internet to get information about all types of products and services, whether they are using the traditional search or, as the case is, voice search to find a local business.

If your business is not found on local search, you will not miss new customers. Applying a variety of local SEO techniques to your business can help you to appear on the Internet map for future customers to see. -


How To Rank In Local SEO?

There are 3 ways through which you can get a rank in a local business.

Proximity - How far your business potential is from the customer is a big factor. No man would like to go too far to get plumber work. The closer the better.

Relevance - How similar is your product or service and user's search query. If someone is looking for a plumber and if you are a shoe seller then this is a wrong signal for you.

Reviews - What your customers say about your business makes a big difference. No person would want to work with a fraudulent and wrong company. You always keep looking at your reviews and ratings.


Improve Local SEO - 5 Ways You Can Rank

There are some easy ways to improve your local SEO: -


 1. Optimize Internal Linking Structure

External links certainly help you in the ranking, but you cannot ignore the importance of internal. It can also help you in good ranking in Google.


2. Include Location Pages in your website

You can bring more ranking in Local Search by including location pages in your website.

The location page contains your business name, address, mobile number, etc. It makes people know more about your business.


 3. Create Local content

Search engines have become very intelligent nowadays. He/she knows what the content is about and where it should be ranked higher. So if you can achieve a good ranking by making area-specific content.


 4. Use Images

Images give more information about your business to your customers. Put more and more images related to your business on Google My Business.


5. Try to get a good rating

Good ratings and reviews can add to your local business. Try to get as many ratings as you can from your customer. If possible, you can put it on your website for rating.

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