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Finding a home in Winnipeg within your budget is only a call away. The Jennifer Queen Team can bring you many offers making sure you will find the perfect home. It doesn’t matter which home you choose, you will always be provided with the right advice and information about that property.  Whether you’re looking at single family homes for sale, townhomes, condos or exclusive properties, we have the right realtors who are ready to guide you through the entire process of buying and selling. Of course, changing communities can be quite stressful and tiresome. It can be a long process but The Jennifer Queen Team will support you every step of the way. This professional team of realtors is ready to take care of your buying and selling journey from start to finish. When you work with this expert team, know that they will take care of everything so you can focus on other important matters.

Living in Winnipeg becomes an easy process when you work with The Jennifer Queen Team. Our realtors do their best to provide you with excellent deals and competitive pricing. The whole team behind our agency has much knowledge of Winnipeg’s neighborhoods and you are sure to find the perfect home. The process of buying and selling will be a smooth process.

Winnipeg is an exciting place, so if you have decided to establish your roots here, you will enjoy many benefits. Once you start living in Winnipeg, it will certainly open up new opportunities for you and you will won’t regret choosing Winnipeg as your next destination. Our specialized realtors have already helped many people.  If you want to buy a house that meets your taste as well as lifestyle, then you should contact The Jennifer Queen Team.

Bonavista Winnipeg Houses for Sale

Looking for Bonavista Winnipeg Houses for Sale? The Jennifer Queen Team is always working to find you the best listings. It goes without saying that Bonavista is one of the newest communities in Winnipeg. It was in 2016 when the construction began but it still goes on today. Located in the Southeast quadrant of the city, Bonavista focuses on environmental sustainability as well as the modern suburban living.

At Bonavista, you will find various floor plans such as Townhomes, Bungalows, Cab-Overs, and Two-Storeys. Nowadays, most people prefer two-story detached homes but there are also built homes within the community. Prices for houses differ based on the amenities and they range anywhere from $330,000 all the way up to $1.8 million. Just determine your budget, demands and special requirements and the experts will find you Bonavista Winnipeg Houses for Sale.

Schools and Services in Bonavista

Bonavista is within the Louis Riel School Division, and you won’t find any school within the community. There are some popular schools for residents in this area including

English: Shamrock School (K-8), J. H. Bruns Collegiate (9-12)

French Immersion: École Van Belleghem (K-6)

You can also find two major hospitals here within only 10km of Bonavista. These two hospitals are Saint Boniface General Hospital located on Tache Avenue and Victoria General Hospital located on Pembina Highway.

Bridgwater Neighborhood

If you are also searching for Bridgwater Winnipeg Real Estate you can be sure The Jennifer Queen Team will deliver. This neighborhood is found in Southwest Winnipeg where the construction began in late 2007 and it still continues developing. Bridgwater is now consisting of 4 main areas:

1.      Bridgwater Forest

This is surrounded by 25 acres of forest, if you adore greenery then you will certainly enjoy all the amazing lakes.

2.      Bridgwater Lakes

Bridgwater Lakes features three lakes and many green spaces as well as walking paths to navigate.

3.      Bridgwater Trails

If you are after more renaissance style homes, then Bridgwater Trails will meet your demands.  There are many lakes with a large community fountain/gathering area.

4.      Bridgwater Centre

There is a large variety of living accommodations and you will also come across many shopping and dining areas. So this is like a small town but offers big-town amenities. 

Why Bridgwater?

Now comes the most interesting thing! You may wonder why it is Bridgwater and not Bridgewater. The community is named after the late Arthur Bridgwater. So if you think it is spelled as Bridgewater, which is incorrect, then here is the truth. So anytime you see it spelled as Bridgewater Winnipeg Real Estate then we advise you to check the source.

Real Estate Trends in Bridgwater

This area continues developing and you will find many new buildings here. The development started from 2008 and there are many types of homes including two-story, cab-over, bungalow (including walk-out), and more. You will also come across various construction types built according to a buyer’s taste.

The common price within the neighborhood was around $450,000 in 2019, however, there have been several homes in the past few years that have sold over $1 million, some selling closer to $2 million. Homes here start in the range of $315,000 for an attached-style home (townhouse, or single family attached). There are also a variety of condominium offerings in the area including townhouse units and apartment units. These condos range in price from $180,000 up to $600,000. Do you want to get some help with your Bridgwater Winnipeg Real Estate? Reach out to our Bridgwater Winnipeg Real Estate team and our specialists will cater to your needs.

If you don’t like your current community and you want to upgrade your lifestyle, contact The Jennifer Queen Team. This is one of the few companies that offers reliable services for anyone looking to sell their property or buy a new one in Winnipeg. Many people who have decided to change their location have trusted this team of realtors and remained 100% satisfied. Never work with unknown companies as you may end up wasting your time, money, and nerves. For those reasons know that you can count on The Jennifer Queen Team. Count on our realtors and we will pave the way, delivering maximum results!

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