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Know more about securing your property

The one thing that alarms everybody is the interruption of criminals in their property which may bring about incredible misfortune for the organization, association, military base, or even a house that is being looted. Theft isn't the main thing that should be mulled over; capturing, murdering and many riskier occasions could occur.

Let us take a gander at it at the individual level because the security of one individual is imperative to him/her. The individual defines limits for their security. This is the message that Cast – Perimeter is attempting to sell; the need for perimeter security sensors along with an evenly distributed lighting network for optimal security.

Being safe is better than being sorry

When the criminal is near the perimeter of your organization or trying to make an illegal act; then we should be able to make an arrest or at the least scare the criminal, intruder, or burglar off the property. However, this is not a straightforward task. Perimeter security sensors are mounted on fences with infrared and cameras. Every angle should be under security from intruders; by the sensors, for that, the whole perimeter needs to be covered with security sensors.

Latest product

CAST Perimeter Lighting is known as the innovator of the industry. As a result, our clients and associate partners always look upon us to deliver products that are above expectations. Once again we have launched CAST Perimeter PoE Interface as a new trademark in the industry. This device is capable of powering up to feet of the fence through an ethernet cable along with perimeter security sensors. Firstly, LED lights are integrated with 30 VDC low-voltage wire. The next step is to connect CAST Perimeter PoE with EtherWan switch wired together through CAT 5/6 cable.

CAST PoE Interface CPOE60W  

· Safe Low Voltage, Low Cost

· CPL2 - 40 Foot Diameter Light Coverage (20’ inside and outside of fence line)

· CPL38 - 100 Foot Diameter Light Coverage (50’ inside and outside fence line)

· Up to 200 Feet of Fence Line Illuminated

· Dusk to Dawn Setting

· Easy and Fast One Person Installation

· Flash Glare™ to Disable Intruders Eyes Naturally

· Long Life - 18-Year CREE LED

Not only this, EtherWAB switch has its benefits. In addition to providing power for two CAST PoE interface devices, it's also capable of providing IoT’s. in other words, it’s a completely compact network consequently giving you control with ONE switch!


Most importantly, CAST Perimeter wants to ensure the safety of an organization, military base, company, or household. Illuminate your fence with an award-winning durable lighting network. If it's not lit, it's not secure. Deter any trespassers with glare-free lighting and perimeter security sensor. 

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