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Smart homes and especially smart lighting have changed our lives a lot. Today, you can take control over your lighting without any hassle. With only a few steps, you can have your lights respond to your voice or you can use a smartphone and operate all the lights in your house even if you are far away from home.

The technology is already here and Home Automation Dublin is no longer a dream for you. Now you can easily go for Home Automation Dublin and enjoy all the benefits that smart lighting offers you. Let’s first understand what smart lighting is and then go for other details.

What is smart lighting?

Thanks to smart lighting systems, you can easily operate the lights of your house. By connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, it helps you control everything about your lighting. This will be handled by using just a smartphone app. You can adjust the color temperature of individual light bulbs or change the color of them completely. If you opt for Smart Lighting Ireland you can control everything remotely, like setting up schedules so the lights switch on and off at specific times. So no matter where you are, whether you are away from home or you are on holiday, Smart Lighting Ireland will allow you turn on or off every light in the building. This will also help you reduce crimes because by turning lights when you are not at home you will make it look like somebody is home.

With these solutions of Smart Home Ireland, you will finally feel the comfort and beauty of a true smart home. Just tell your smart home system when you’re going to bed and the lights will smoothly switch off as you’re on your way upstairs. Moreover, just say goodbye as you’re on your way out of the door and let your lights switch themselves off then, too. Isn’t this SmartHome Irelandamazing?

How does smart lighting work?

Many smart systems operate through a device that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to control your lights through your smartphone with just a few clicks. However, there are also some other newer smart light bulbs which do not require a bridge to function. Some smart systems use an industry-standard wireless protocol called Zigbee to communicate with each other. It is similar to your Wi-Fi signal, but one big difference is that Zigbee products can communicate with each other while products connected to a Wi-Fi network can only communicate with one central router.

Versatility of smart lighting

The versatility of Smart Lighting Ireland means that you can have control over individual light bulbs, group light bulbs or even the lights in a whole building. You could set lighting themes without any hassle. For example, when you’re watching a movie, you can set up the lights around the room to dim except for the back-lighting around your television.

What will happen when you face issues with your Wi-Fi?

Smart lights rely on Wi-Fi network in order to operate. However, if your internet connection fails then don’t worry! Home Automation Dublin will work for you even without this connection. Smart lighting manufacturers make sure that you won’t be stuck in a house full of lights on or in the dark. Of course, you won’t have the same ability to control your lights through your smartphone when you are away from home but if the bridge is linked to your Wi-Fi router then you can control your lights anytime you are at home.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

ü  Lower energy use

You will be able to save a lot of money once you set up Home Automation Dublin. It’s because smart lighting is almost always made with LED light bulbs which help you save a lot. Thanks to LED light bulb options, you will use less energy in order to light your room. Based on the USA Today, the average household will be able to save about $1000 over 10 years. As your lights will turn on and off hands free, you will never have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off and this will help you avoid wasting energy and save your electricity bill.

ü  Longer life span

LED light bulb options have a long life span. If you compare them with traditional bulbs, you will see that they are different and you can use them for a very long time.

ü  Scheduling

Scheduling is another benefit to take into account. If you are someone who has a tight schedule, smart lighting will help you a lot. Just program your lights to turn on and off at specific times each day so that you have one less thing to worry about.

ü  Increased security

You can turn on your lights anytime you want and imitate as if someone is at home. Many of the best smart-lighting options also include motion-detection features, so bulbs can turn on or off based on whether someone is in the room. So anytime an unexpected motion is detected, you will know about it.

ü  Customised home’s lighting

Customizing your home’s lighting couldn’t be as easier as it is today. Smart lighting will allow you to create different scenes for any kind of scenario. This means you can control the brightness and colour of your lights. So if it is a party at home then you can make your lights be warm and dimmed but when morning or night comes, you can set specific scenes in order to get accustomed to the light and dark. So opt for smart lighting and you can alter a room’s mood with settings ranging from bright to relaxing and romantic.


Smart the lighting changed our life…

Home Automation Dublin and especially smart lighting are designed to make our lives simpler and more convenient. The future of SmartHome Ireland is very bright and more and more people go for smart lighting to make their lives easy and hassle-free. Be sure, smart lighting could transform your home.

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