Establish a Robust Social Media Presence






In today’s world, social media is no less than a gold mine, so how deep should you dig before you strike gold? Social media is all about action. Producing leads is the biggest perk of maintaining a strong social media presence. Needless to say, the higher your engagement and followers, the finer your reach is. And with improved reach, you’ll likely to get more downloads in no time.

Try to adapt the following approach and notice the difference in your social media handles –

Opt for the Correct Networks

Facebook: The biggest platform, has more than 2 billion-plus active monthly users, and the website is perfect for brands and businesses which are seeking to get leads and develop relationships.

LinkedIn: Made specifically for business and networking, it can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses to develop belief, gain power, and engross users.

Twitter: For all things instant, it is ideal for those whose businesses have majority of the audience under the age of 50 and require to keep updated of time-sensitive information such as breaking news, new statements, and ongoing trends. Buy Facebook page likes.

Pinterest: For the love of aesthetics, this is a great platform for businesses (esp. restaurants, fashion, art, travel, and weddings), and it’s great for getting sales as there are millions of users hooked in the site to get purchase ideas.

Snapchat: One of the quickest developing social networking sites, and businesses can benefit it by giving promotions, offering personalized content, providing exclusive access, and developing relationships with established influencers to garner both brand loyalty and repute.

More Display, Less Speech

Along with social media, our audiences are evolving too. With the onset of Internet, the world needed more blogs and write ups, as opposed to today’s time when all things 10 seconds are a hit. Did you know that Instagram and Snapchat have crossed the number of daily active mobile users on Twitter!

The point is users tend to engage with you more if you post good visual content. Wherever possible, use visuals instead of text to convey your message. Buy Instagram page likes.

Dynamic Engagement of Audience

The importance of content on social media is not hidden from any, however don’t just post your content and be done with it. As social media is about connection and engagement, use it to build healthy relationships with your audience.

Some essential ways you can engage with your audiences –

· Posting comments

· Initiating and taking part in conversations

· Sharing relevant information

· Creating user-generated content

· Posing and answering questions

· Catering to complaints and criticisms

· Expressing gratitude to users

Maintain a Posting Schedule

It is essential to post routinely. Your social media platform must be persistent and represent what the brand/business stands for. You can use your account to give your viewers some relevant inside scoop. Or, you can demonstrate some new products or even hold contests. Furthermore, be particular about what time of the day you are posting. To boost each post, ensure to post in the course of the highest social media usage each day. This time differs by geographic location and tradition of the related region.

Social Selling

While your ultimate target is to make sales, don’t go on a rant about the product/service promotions. Rather, attempt your hands on social selling. Social selling emphasizes on fostering relationships with customers. If you have strong relationships with your target audience, it will result in more purchases with zero promotion!

For establishing a strong social media presence, your social media accounts should be treated like communities. And you best believe how communities work! Whenever there is any activity, you must be active and responsive in the form of comments or posts, if necessary. Be mindful of expressing your gratitude to your consumers and can even make special thank you posts. This will not only help you in retaining your existing users but will also help in gaining more. 

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