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Do you work on sensitive electronic devices that can easily be damaged by electrostatic discharge? Suppose you are worried about your work area that is not discharge resistant and can generate electrostatic energy, which can result in damaging your sensitive electronic equipment. In that case, this article will probably help you solve your problem. It would be best if you had an anti-static work area.


 This article will explain to you the importance of electrostatic workspace and equipment such as an ESD table. If you manufacture, assemble, or repair devices that employ electronics, you surely need an ESD workstation to avoid electrostatic discharge. Here we will share all the details you need to know to prevent hazards:


What Is ESD?

ESD is the abbreviation of 'electrostatic discharge'. A difference in electrostatic potential can result in electrostatic charge build-up. For example, when you walk on a carpeted floor in winters, you can develop enough electrostatic charge on your body that you feel a slight electric shock when you touch a doorknob.


This electric shock is developed due to the accumulation of charge on your body. It is not that harmful to your body, but it can damage or alter your electronic devices' magnetic data, which are ESD sensitive. That is why you need an ESD static safe environment if you work with sensitive electronic devices.


Hazards of ESD

Electrostatic discharge is developed when two insulators are rubbed together. It is discharged when that non-conductor comes in contact with a conductor, which in your case are the components of your ESD sensitive electronic components. This discharge further may lead to circuit damage.


Uncontrolled electrostatic discharge can have serious consequences. Electrostatic discharge can readily destroy your electronic components. It can also remove or alter the magnetic media that is stored in the parts of your device. It can even cause fire or explosions in inflammable components.


These hazards can affect your work and productivity and cause serious consequences such as fire or explosion. That is why they need to be avoided. Don't worry. We will also guide you about the solution so that you can prevent these risks.


How To Prevent ESD?

In order to prevent these hazards, you need to minimize the potential difference so that there is minimum electrostatic discharge. It would be best if you had aESD workstation where you can handle sensitive electrostatic discharge devices.


ESD Workstations to create a static safe environment


An ESD workstation consists of ESD equipment that is specially designed to prevent static discharges. This must be considered in most static safe environments. The equipment is made from a material that is very durable and water-resistant as well. This static safe equipment is made from a unique material that consists of conductors in the right amount.


They have the ability to neutralize the charges right away and ground them if they have developed. In this way, they prevent discharge onto the components and are helpful for the people who hand the sensitive electronic components. This is important when considering building your static-safe environment.


      Anti-Static Garments

Anti-static garments are electrostatic discharge resistant. They are made from a particular anti-static fabric that is having a specific amount of conductor strands to neutralise the potential difference. These kinds of garments include ESD t shirt, ESD jackets, and anti ESD lab coats etc.


The ESD t shirt is comfortable and safe at the same time. You can wear these shirts for an extended time without any discomfort. They are available in different sizes and designs. Anti-static garments are specially designed to be worn in static safe environments.


      Anti-Static Equipment

Along with electrostatic resistant garments, you will also need anti-static equipment to minimize electric discharge. These kinds of equipment include an ESD table, anti-static tweezers, an ESD safe wristband, anti-static finger cots etc. Using this equipment, the chances of electrostatic discharge are almost zero.


The top of an ESD table consists of a dissipative mat that can be grounded to avoid potential build-up. A resistor is used to prevent electric shock at the table. These components give you a safer surface to work on without any chances of electrostatic discharge.




Cleaning ESD Products


For the cleaning of ESD worktops, ESD workstations and anti staticmats, a soapy solution is readily available in the market. You may want to consider the Elimistat® ESD Mat Cleaner as this product has been made for this very purpose. You can clean the ESD products and ESD surfaces by using a paper towel and that solution. It will not only clean the anti static products but also improve their electrostatic discharge resistance capability.


Cleaning ESD safe garments are effortless because most of them are machine washable and washed with regular clothes. You can also can also iron the ESD t shirt at a lower temperature. So you don't have to grow for any complicated procedure to clean them.


Advantages of Anti Static Products


      Relatively Durable Material

The material used to make anti static products and anti static garments is of high quality. The ESD products are designed to be damage resistant and long-lasting to prevent hazards.


      Fire Resistant

The material used in this equipment does not catch fire. You don't have to worry about explosions and fire because this equipment like ESD mats and ESD tables are fire-resistant to a certain degree.


      Prevents Unwanted Discharge

The main advantage of ESD products and ESD equipment is that it can neutralise the charge that is built up. That is why they are widely used in technical ESD workstations throughout the world.



Some anti-static products are water-resistant as well. The fabric used in them does not absorb water or any other solvent. Water-resistance also helps to prevent electric shocks that might be built up in an electronic device manufacturing area.


Working with static sensitive electronic components, you need to have an ESD workstation such as an ESD table to complete you ESD protected area. Using anti static products will help you avoid numerous mishaps that otherwise might take place. Having a workspace that has all the components grounded to the earth and designed to minimise hazards will boost your confidence.


These pieces of anti static equipment are thoroughly tested and used worldwide in all well-known manufacturing and electronics production industries. We hope that this information would have helped you a lot. Now you can also easily arrange a set up for yourself at your workspace and avail the benefits for creating your static safe environment.

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