Education and School






Education is a word which we hear everyday.

According to Aristotle, Education is the process of training man to fulfill his aim by exercising all the faculties to the fullest extent as a member of society.

The world today is fraught with the challenges and competition.

In such scenario,

It has been the endeavour of the school only that they are instilling knowledge in the students through books as well as beyond the pages. 

Education has reached a stage today where just the cognitive development is not the sole aim. The focus is on the holistic growth of the students- that is physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, moral etc.

The school puts the best to achieve this perfection. With their unending and fathom deep efforts, they are bringing brilliance in academic standards and nurturing hidden talents among students. This is completely wrong perception to think about the Schools as an Absolute Authority of the founder or administrator.

In reality,

Behind every day there are many sleepless nights to give a face to an idea. The the truth is that without School one can never think of a student to complete at the global levels.

It is a great prodigal and tragic to harbour the wrong beliefs and reckon step motherly treatment towars schools.

I take this opportunity to make people understand that schools are deepening the roots of education and diversifying the creativity of the children. 

School is indeed a shrine of knowledge and I have experienced it in reality in my school.

The Lawrence Public School gave me all that a person can have from an educational institution.

When I was a small kid, and I entered in the school, I was very insecured. I had no idea of my future when I entered this school.

But today, I have a bright future in front of me.

My school has been the guiding force behind me. I learnt here the knowledge of languages, intricate calculations fundamentals of science, lessons of tradition, culture and morality.

I was shown the path of almighty by chanting mantras, dohas and prayers everyday. I learnt here the true spirit of patriotism by singing patriotic songs.

Moreover, interhouse, inter school and zonal competition made me confident and able to express my views in front of people.

I still remembered my preparation for going on picnics.🥳

The joyful moments with teachers and my friends in hobby classes will remain with me as an unforgettable memory.

I am thankful to the school. 

In my views sometimes vocabulary falls so small to show my gratitude towards this institution.

A journey of love, care and skill, that of confidence and strong will, now reaches to the first destination of life;

With the blessing of all!!!

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