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Plantable paper is an eco-friendly paper that is made with post-consumer materials, embedded with seeds. The paper is placed in the pot of soil, the seed grows, and the paper composts away. What is left behind is a flower, herbs, vegetables, and no waste. By seeing the benefits and its contribution to the environment, we indulge in the business of plantable paper manufacturer. As Century Paper always encourage environmentally product. We encourage our customers to contribute to nature by participating in activities conducted by the company. Apart from it, we focus on providing top-quality service to customers with safe products at a reasonable price.


Best Plantable Paper Manufacturer

The declining condition of our environment has switched consumer preferences. The quality is up to the mark and service is also good, made Century Papers the premium quality manufacturer. The process is so smooth and perfectly done by our trained workers. The use of the latest technology and techniques help us to give better results. The idea of manufacturing eco-friendly papers is a huge success as it exactly matched the demand of customers. That is why we have achieved the trust of customers. Waste management tests are conducted regularly by experts.


Best Manufacturing Company

Century Papers have become the icon for Plantable Paper manufacturer. With the time we invested in building the trust, we acquired a large number of potential customers. There are two goals of Century Papers is to keep the customers happy and to achieve an eco-friendly product. We also try to keep indulging our customers in the activities that contribute to creating an eco-friendly environment. By conducting different campaigns throughout the year, so that they keep participating in the activities like this. Century papers have become the best manufacturing company that delivers good quality and service. Products delivered are extra-absorbent with extra-care to its customers. 


Why Choose us?

 1. Always encourage the use of eco-friendly raw materials, to deliver safe and hygienic products to resolve the problem of the environment. 

 2. Reduce the wastage as much as possible without wasting resources so that we do no harm to nature.

 3. We aim to increase profitability by increasing productivity. Maximum productivity in less time at minimum cost i.e. to achieve maximum profit.

 4. Also, provide opportunities to customers to get involved in the activities that contribute to the benefit to the environment by conducting campaigns.

 5. Our company provides the best quality products and commendable services at all times.




 1. They look attractive when gifted, also are hygienic and safe to consume. That to don’t harm to the environment at any cost.

 2. It is one of the best ways to promote the business as we are dealing with eco-friendly products that will increase sales. 

 3. This achieves the goal of Go green that encourages the use of biodegradable products.

 4. The concept of Plantable papers is different from others, which is eye-catching to achieve customers.

 5. To enter a business with a totally beneficial concept is something that everybody cannot think of.

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