Do Brass Knuckles Hurt The User When Fighting?





More often than not when we think about using any weapon, caution should be taken. With that being said, there are some weapons that are more like tools. You can be careful about how you utilize them but they aren’t harmful to you. In the case of brass knuckles, there is often a question whether they can hurt the wearer. The result depends on how well you train with them and if you take the necessary steps to avoid injury. Brass knuckles as weapons are incredibly effective but they can be tricky to master. They are essentially sturdy when it comes to material but you have to be careful. If you don’t train with them properly they can end up hurting your fingers. 

Usually when you use brass knuckles, they are meant for punching and blocking attacks. You have to learn how to wear them so they cover your knuckles and joints. The punching moves are also specific where you tilt your hand to throw your weight behind your punch. For someone who is into boxing or fist fighting there are plenty of brass knuckles for sale out there. The best options in the market are now more varied than before, but let’s get to that in a bit. 

History of Brass Knuckles And How They Were Popularized

Initially brass knuckles were something used by warriors, gladiators and fighters. They were made to protect the knuckles during a fist fight and direct confrontation. They were invented as far back as the 10th Century and have been spotted in different cultures around the world. Each place had its own local version of knuckle weapons that were mainly used in warfare and security. 

But knuckles are classic and remained relevant to this day where they are still used in different capacities. The design of the quintessential brass knuckles has changed in material and structure. But the underlying use and function is still as handy as ever. 

The Features and Techniques Of Using Brass Knuckles

With each fighting tool you have to put in the initial work of learning the right way to use them. There are actually many ways that you can master brass knuckles in fighting mode. Essentially brass knuckles are useful for their weight and impact and that can be advantageous. 

  • There are versions of two finger brass knuckles and four finger brass knuckles in the market. Each is suited for a different kind of fighting pose and situation. 

  • All brass knuckles are not created with brass, but they are usually made from heavy metals. You will find some alloy versions as well depending on what you use them for.

  • You will get rounded and square edges in different brass knuckles depending on where they’re made. They are usually portrayed as hitting or blocking weapons, so each design helps in that. 

As for the techniques involved in utilizing brass knuckles, there are multiple moves you can learn. Each move would represent a different kind of strategy for you. You can choose which one would appeal to you more according to your usage. 

  • For boxing, brass knuckles are used as shields to protect your fingers from impact. While they aren’t as effective as gloves they teach you restraint in your punching technique. You can learn how to punch without hurting your hand and causing more pain to your opponent. 

  • In fist fighting, the real game lies in how much pain you can inflict to the opposing party. A brass knuckle has a blunt force that is most effective on joints and sensitive areas of the body. If you are hitting someone with them, go for the jaw, temple, elbow and shins. 

  • If you are using brass knuckles for self defense, you need to be vigilant about wearing them continuously. Whenever you are moving around alone and suspect danger, wear these knuckles to fight your attacker. A good blow with a brass knuckle can cause serious muscle disruption and bruising that will last a while. Self defense knuckles are usually clunky and weighted so they can inflict the most pain.

The Most Suitable Brass Knuckles For Women 

It is not news that any kind of self defense weapons can be useful for women more than anyone else. They are in constant need of protection when they move around in any facet of society. While they might require extra effort, brass knuckles can be pretty useful for women as well. With a little bit of training, they can be life-saving in many cases.

Women can use them to block people who are wielding guns as well as knives. The metal blocks the weapon from coming into contact with you directly. The strength of the brass knuckles will also help throw a solid punch. If women ever face the danger of assault or robbery, they can use brass knuckles as self defense weapons. They can be used to punch someone and cause them a lot of pain so you can get away easily. It also deters anyone from coming closer or pursuing you if you know how to work the knuckles with force.

One particular version that has proven very effective as a weapon for women is brass knuckles ring. Popularly also known as a cat knuckle, these rings are two finger knuckles with spikes. These spikes are usually shaped like cat ears, hence the name, and the impact. It can be used effectively for stabbing, poking, gauging in a physical altercation to protect yourself. 

Cool Brass Knuckles People Love To Own 

It might not be that common for most people but brass knuckles can become quite famous again. They are popular among the youth as accessories and collectibles. There are now dozens of modern designs available in all brass knuckles in the market. You will find a large variety ranging from chrome-textured weapons, to themed graphical designs in them. You can also explore different kinds of colours, sizes and structures that can be used as decoration pieces. For collectors, the best place to look for amazing brass knuckles is PA Knives online store. They are the premium dealers of cheap brass knuckles that are perfect for fighters and collectors alike. 

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