Disappearance Of Attention Span


Muskan Jain




Many utilitarian write-ups are ignored the same way this could also suffer.

Audience's attention span has now shrinked and has come to some mere 8 sec. To hit the spot in that particular span is itself an 'ART' or moreover a 'SKILL'. So some people have it as a talent, some learn it with the time. New Folk too learn the very ART of gaining attention (professionally) or acquiring the market the moment when they start observing the surroundings and preferences of their audience. 

Anytime we sit to do a piece of work we get distracted with a beep of our phone or some notification form our smart watches and end up not doing that work. This quick changing or switching attitudes between things in our generation is termed as impulse. And the age is not the only playing factor into this, but yes, the dependency of ours

on the web and on our devices to get accessible to the fast information is making us to dance at their tunes. 

So, if I made you read this up till now, Bravo! I revised the mold of coveted 8 seconds.

Before I lose you, let me tell you what marketers do to retain their audience's interest. 


Never ending suspense and some relatable stuff always attracts the crowd and even doesn't fade or fail to spread its magic. The moment when our audience find the connect with our brand or with ourself, our job is halfway done, now we just need to put a pinch of efforts to convey our thoughts to them.

Eye - Catchy Visuals

Attractive visuals put a sole in our content, only writing up on a certain topic really doesn't seem to help these days unless we have a spiced up visuals which actually draws a rough outline about our content in reader's or viewer's mind. Also human brain retains pictures more than texts in their concious for longer. So putting not so loud but soothing and bright shades in the visuals help at times.

Focusing on retaining our audience for longer not just seeking for their attention and personalizing the content for the respective category of audience also proves to be healthy for the community.

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