Covid scenario , relationships and hope






2020 year can  be described as the year which was unexpected ,which shook our life and the year of self discovery. Coronavirus was something which was unheard of . But this small virus had changed our lives. One learnt the importance of family and friends . We learnt to respect nature . We learnt how precious is our life . We ,finally ,learnt about the uncertainty of life. Living a happy life is very important as life is too short was verified. For some ,it has been a period of self discovery. We invented our new hobbies . People dig into spirituality and laid emphasis on inculcating positive thinking which was very crucial part of this scenario. This period made us strong ,better and mature human beings. We were introduced to the reality of life. Value of relationships was being considered. I agree that this period had been quite infuriating one but what we should remember is what great lessons we learnt and one should be grateful for we are still in this beautiful world.

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