Covid 19 vaccines in India






Covid 19 has played an important part in our lives in 2020 and it is continuing till today.All over the world people are quarantined to save their lives including India.In India ,quarantine was represented in the form of lockdown and it was followed in all the states.During this time people have gone through many and new ways of living.However ,major pharm and biotech companies,small independent medical groups have also volunteered to develop a possible cure.Lot of vaccines like Covaxin,zydus cadila's ZyCOV-D,Biological E,Mynvax etc. There are only two vaccine approved in India.they are,Covaxin and Covieshield. 

The union health ministry already prepared a blue print coronavirus vaccination drive in India.Nearly 30 crore  people will receive their vaccine during the first phase of vaccination.Covaxin was an indigenous vaccine produced by Bharat Biotech i. Collaboration with ICMR and NIV.Covieshield was produced by Serum Institute of India.According to the National Expert Group on vaccine Administration ,the central government will directly procure the vaccine supplies and distribute among states as per their requirements. Healthcare professionals, frontline workers will get it immediately when it is available.


People above 50 years of age will receive the dose followed by the people younger than 50 years of age.Vaccination is done voluntarily by the government to people and they are also asked to volunteer to get vaccinated.To get the vaccine ,a person must register and it is mandatory.On getting a due dose vaccine ,the person will receive an SMS on their mobile number and after completing all the doses a QR code based e-certificate will be sent.

The government is thinking of injecting the vaccine and immunise nearly 250 million people by next year.But many experts think the method is not an effective way .


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