It is a matter of great concern and regret that, despite all precautions and guidelines, India has broken its previous record in Corona infection. In the second wave of Corona, infection cases reached 1,03,764 during the 24 hours until Sunday night. The total daily cases are increasing by about ten to ten thousand, this can be gauged by the increased risk of infection. Not long has passed, on 9 February, the daily affairs had fallen to 11 thousand.

It seemed that the bad era of Corona had passed. The worst phase was recorded around September 10, when the daily cases started reaching around 98 thousand. This is the first time since the onset of the epidemic, when more than one lakh cases of corona have occurred in the country within a day. Before this in the world, America is the only country where more than one lakh cases were reported in a single day. Now in the US, where around 70 thousand cases are coming every day, India has crossed one lakh. If this pace is maintained, then April will prove fatal.

Since India is a country with four times more population than the US, it is frightening to think where the figures will go.

No wonder, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held a high-level meeting in view of the growing Corona cases. Awareness and participation of people is of paramount importance to gain control over the corona.

Now, if the central government is sending central teams to Maharashtra, Punjab and Chhattisgarh in view of increasing cases and deaths, then this is a necessary step. There is no other option but to further strengthen and better implement the measures to be adopted against Corona.

There is no harm in assuming that the corona guidelines have been violated in Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and other states, which these states are suffering. There is a lockdown-like situation in these three states and especially Maharashtra.

Many states have made the corona investigation mandatory for those who enter it, but it should be seen practically that whether orders are actually being followed?

Have we fixed the system of corona checks at airports to be sixteen?

While on the one hand, the government will have to wake up afresh, on the other hand, experts will also have to investigate the scientific reasons for the corona boom. Many kinds of misconceptions have started spreading among the people. People have to be fully informed and aware of this danger. Dr Randeep Guleria, the top member of the government's Covid-19 task force, has said that mutants are a major reason for the surge in strain cases.

They have also shared some suggestions, including creating Containment Zone, Lockdown, Investigation, Search and Quarantine. There is apprehension that the government will be forced to act like a lockdown.

Is this country in a position to withstand another lockdown?

Therefore, the right way is that people should be alert towards the rescue and the administration should punish those who are not yet awake at their level.

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