Challenges Faced by 20 year Old Individuals






In simple words, a life of a human being can be termed as a combination package of happiness and sadness where we need to tackle different situations, people and many more to achieve success in life. Today’s generation is way advanced than traditional people. This youth is facing challenges way earlier than the traditional people used to face in their latter 30’s. The Level of attraction towards people, things, Demands of people, Level of satisfaction, Expectations from people everything is way upwards than it was in early 1990’s. Also due to increasing population which leads to rise in competition among youth has lead them to make numerous mistakes and forced them to climb the ladder of failure.

Today’s 20 year old boys & girls majority of them face a challenge of frustration over little things, overthinking, High level of stress which affects their normal living and they end up on the wrong side which tends to lead them on a difficult roadway. Jealously, ego, anger issues are some problems which are faced by majority of the youth. Due to these issues they fall apart and loose hopes from their life’s, rather making their career wonderful in that span of early 20’s they make it the worst.

During the age of 20-30 it is the time for the youth to buckle up their shoes and shoot out their best performances in their various fields. Also would like to include, people tend to fall apart in their life’s in this period because of their relationships breakdowns which majorly affect themselves and it becomes really very difficult for them to get out of that blackhole. Maybe being single is the best way to stay away from relationship stuff. Indeed it is that span of period where people get attracted real quick but being alone will not only help you grow individually but also it will help to involve yourself with the world and your career too. Rather investing in someone else’s life, always invest in yourself to make yourself a better person. Being in love is an awesome feeling no doubt about it, but you should really be with someone only if that person is making your life wonderful, is always with you while your failure & hard times, always embracing you the way you’re and most importantly is just making sure that your smile is always pinned up on your face. There will be many people coming and going but always hold on to someone who is right there holding your hands while you fall apart which may make you realise he/she is the right one.

For me Love is all about Consistency, Growth, Efforts and Endless Togetherness. It’s not about the gifts which make people happy but about the efforts you put in for them to make sure they smile for every moment. These are the things which 20-year old boys & girls should learn and make sure they execute it in their life’s to create happiness all around and to create a successful career for themselves.

Also many of them face the challenge of family problems. Due to daily fights between their parents, it makes their young kids helpless and tend to climb a wrong step of ladder towards abusive actions or staying far away apart from them. These few problems are majorly faced by young kids but they have nowadays found a way of tackling them by just ignoring their parents and giving them their personal space to tackle their problems themselves so as to maintain peace in their families.

Issues regarding body image are altogether faced by many teens. The dissatisfaction can range from a very little to a severe body-hatred, and the Poor Body Image can be tied to self-esteem issues, depression and various eating disorders. Many teens tend to get angry on themselves because of their body image which leads to effect on their behaviour and their best skills & qualities. On the verge of improving it, sometimes they tend to do it in a wrong way which proves out to be a curse throughout their life. Also due to pandemic which was held in 2020, there was a lot pressure on the teens of 24 Hours of Social Networking for their jobs.

Thus, Today’s teens should face their challenges bravely should never give-up and continue to take efforts then it will be almost certain that success will crown his or her resolute efforts.    


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