Brother sister's bond💗






Relationships of the whole world are on one side and brother sister's bond is on one side. This relationship is the purest of all the relationships. This is a relationship that is impossible to explain because in this relationship there is fight, there is love, and anger too. This bond is above of all the relationships.🤗

This relationship is so unique that without saying a word you can understand each other's state of mind. This is such a relationship, in which you know, that even if no one wants to talk to you, you have your brother or your sister who is always ready to listen to you and this is the true love ☺️. Love between brother and sister is unconditional and unlimited.

You know what is the best thing about siblings you can fight with them all day but the next day you both wake up like nothing happened yesterday😅. It is definitely not like that they can walk out of your life after that fight. Your elder sibling will always stand behind you to support you , to guide you , to encourage you ,to scold you , to love you and most importantly to entertain you. Your sibling is always there to protect you from your family's  wrath.

After talking about positive side of this relationship, let us now talk about the other side of this relationship😂.

I am sure you all have guessed till now, that on which side of this relationship I am going to write .So, let's start🤭

  • If you have an elder sibling ,he/she will be used as a comparison tool throughout your life . You know what I mean....😂
  • But if both of the siblings are useless, then the common phrase is ,"What samples are born!!"😂
  • While playing any game , if by mistake a crockery set got broke then, we all know who is the culprit that, none other than younger sibling 😥#perksofbeingeldersibling.
  • If you are a younger sibling and if you try to become a part in family discussion by giving your opinion in a discussion then you all know what will be the answer.😂
  • When your sister cooks for the first time ,she will never get appreciation for it, no matter how good the food is.😋
  • If you are a younger sibling and if your phone stop working then ,you will not get a new phone you will get your elder sibling's phone and your sibling will get a new phone because his is older than you 😒.
  • Being a younger sibling you cannot disagree with your elder sibling .It is a crime.🤪
  • Commencement of Mahabharata on TV's remote is a normal thing between siblings.🙂

Elder siblings are our biggest critics but there are always there when we need a shoulder to cry. ❤️
Do you remember those days🤔 ,when you did not understand any topic, then who clears your doubt without taking any penny?- your elder sibling.

There is a special bonding between a brother and sister which none other bond or relation can be replace .
Having an elder sibling is like having a superhero or jinni who is always ready to fullfill your all wishes. If you have an elder sibling in your life then definitely you are the luckiest person in this world 😊.

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