Bringing out the best of a person is Important






It’s no secret that great cultures bring out the best in people and in turn, this leads to system-wide success. Success is a fickle thing, though. There might be specific indicators that are used to quantify whether an organization is good or even great, but there is no set recipe that I know of as to how to accomplish this feat. What I do know is that it is not the result of one person or department. When change happens and leads to improved outcomes, it is the result of the collective. One person, however, can be the catalyst for this type of change through a variety of strategies that empower the masses to be more than they feel they can be. There are some realistic ways which can bring the best out of people which are as follows:-

1.            Appraise them carefully

2.            Model the way

3.            Believe in their success

4.            Provide feedback

5.            Give them power

6.            Offer public praise

7.            Give autonomy

8.            Lead from within

Thus, I decided to create an acronym that outlines how to bring out the best in others.



Belief is a superpower, in my opinion. Empowering others to believe in something bigger than themselves leads to the embracement of new ideas and strategies. Without it, the chances of implementing and sustaining change are net to zero. Belief in our learners also goes a long way to getting them to willingly engage in more challenging thinking and application of learning.

Empathy means, quite simply, showing to others that you genuinely understand what they are going through. It is vital for us to imagine ourselves in the position of our students, staff, and community members. This gives us a better perspective on the challenges and feelings of those we are tasked to serve. Better, more informed decisions can result from “walking in the shoes” of those who will be most impacted by the choices that we make. A culture of excellence is created through relationships built on trust and sustained through empathy.

Selflessness means putting others before yourself through both talk and actions. It is about helping those around us or within our care and not looking for any type of favour to be returned or recognition. The messages sent through selfless behaviours build people up in more ways than you will ever know. By selflessly serving others, a culture of respect and admiration will be created. Even if you are in a position to hold others accountable, remember that you are just as accountable to them. Selfish behaviours, on the other hand, do everything but bring out the best in others. Nobody is willing to give themselves up or work harder for someone who is only about themselves.

Trust might be the most critical element when it comes to bringing out the best in others. In the words of Brian Racy, “The glue that holds all relationships together — including the relationship between the leader and the led — is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” Without trust, there is no relationship. If there is no relationship, no real learning or change will occur. It is critical to reflect on how we not only improve but also develop trust in and with the people with whom we work.

Competition is a necessary evil in this world because it brings the best out of people, but it also leads to all the conflicts between human beings.

Only by balancing competition with compassion, we can balance our life.

Thus, Compassion may not give you much success in the world, but it gives you joy, love and peace to live your life beautifully.


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