Brass Knuckle Knife - Double-Trouble Weapon You Have To Try






You must have heard of the badass brass knuckle, and everyone has surely seen a knife. What if, both these tools melded into one and became a formidable weapon? That is the impactful and threatening brass knuckle knife for you. If you haven’t had the experience of using or seeing one, you should now. Even if you don’t use it, it is one of those weapons that strike curiosity in every action and adventure lover. 

The combination of a blade and a knuckle weapon is not a new concept. But as a tool and a combination, it does have a serious ring to it. There is a loaded history behind how this contraption was born and why it is famous. Even though it's not the most commonly used weapon, it's well-known and admired for its design. 

The Becoming of the Brass Knuckle Knife

Strangely enough, with all the infantry present, knuckle knives were used and popularized in World War I. The soldiers were fighting in the trenches and there was a confrontation between enemy forces. That meant that fighters needed something for self-defense when battling face-to-face with other soldiers. 

The knuckle knife, also known as the trench knife became common during that time. It was a clunky yet effective way of protecting yourself against attack in the trenches. Long after the war, this weapon stayed as a viable tool for self-defense and is used to this day. Now, you can find modern versions of the trench knife being sold in stores as collectibles and weapons.

Types of Brass Knuckle Knives You Can Get

Even though it has a colored history and a badass reputation, a knuckle knife is a novelty. You will either see them in collections of weapon enthusiasts or professional fighters. 

There are primarily two kinds of knuckle knives you will normally come across. The first combination is the folding brass knuckle knife; the classical version. This is the old school design that was used during the war and is a collector’s favorite. You get a clunky brass knuckle that has a blade attached to it which closes into the handle.

The other version is a little showier and meant for the more enthusiastic thrill-seekers. You can get spring-assisted knuckle knives in different materials like steel and polymer plastic. For those people who want a more contemporary version, this is the better option. 

Are Knuckle Knives Legal in the United States?

There are some states that have banned the purchase and sale of knuckle knives. They are perceived as dangerous but they are also seen as artifacts and are legal in most places. If you want to find some for collection or self-defense, you need to check your state laws first.

In the case of self-defense, you are allowed to use any weapon that is available to save your life. The primary rule of owning a knuckle knife is that you avoid brandishing it publicly. As is the issue with most blades, if you use them for intimidation, they are illegal.

Best Knives For Knife Lovers 

People who appreciate blades either have a liking for their design or their function. In the case of a knuckle knife, it’s a little bit of both. Even if you don’t use them often, they are cool knives that are bound to impress. So where exactly do you turn to when you want to buy a hardcore knuckle knife?

If you’re perusing for knives for sale in your local market, you’ll have trouble finding variety in regular weapon stores. Most shops will carry a few options for novice collectors but it’s a bit of a challenge getting what you want. In that case, you can always check out online sources for the best choices. 

Knife Import is one such online knife store that will not disappoint when it comes to variety and quality. Finding modern and classical versions of knuckle knives is made easier on their page. Not only do they have abundant choices, but they also sell cheap knives. The same versions that you might find in your local market will be available for less online. The secret is that Knife Import deals in wholesale knives, so you get the quality while maintaining your budget. 

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