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Body Awareness:How to Deepen Your Connection with Your Body

Do you ever end up bumping into things or virtually falling over for no apparent reason? Do you have evee find your difficult in keeping your balance?

Maybe you're employed on the pc and, whereas you’re sitting in front of it for hours, you forget you even have a body in any respect.

These problems will usually be helped by a touch little bit of body awareness.

What is body awareness?

Body awareness is however acutely aware and connected you're to your own body. It is the attention of the position and movement of body elements in relevancy muscles and joints.

It involves the interoception system, that tells you wherever your muscles area unit moving and the way, likewise because the vestibular apparatus, that is formed of organs within the internal ear that area unit guilty of spatial  orientation.

The vestibular apparatus permits you to stay your balance, posture, and head stability. If you are feeling dizzy, likelihood is your vestibular apparatus is affected.

Body awareness also can reach your body’s cues. After you acknowledge that you’re hungry, thirsty, or tired, you’re sweat body awareness.

This is conjointly the case with additional complicated cues, like once you’re at your easy lay throughout a exertion, once you’re feeling lonely and in would like of some social time, or once your body is prepared for sex.

Benefits of body awareness

Body awareness has many advantages that vary from physical to emotional health. 

    Better balance and stability

One of the most advantages of body awareness has a powerful mind-body association. once you understand and feel wherever your body is in area, you’re higher ready to direct it to try and do what you would like it to try and do.

                 Weight management

There’s some proof that body awareness are often a useful tool for weight management.

One study showed that individuals with low body awareness were additional doubtless to dine in the absence of hunger, that the study associated with blubber risk.

                     Pain management

Evidence suggests that body awareness will cut back pain once approached advertently.

According to one study Trusted supply, those that suppressed bodily sensations had:

-lower shallowness

-less physical contact

-more depressive symptoms

People who used mind-body interventions showed higher levels of awareness of and reference to their bodies. This resulted in bigger self-acceptance, vitality, and lower sensory pain.

           Identifying and meeting your wants

When you’re additional attentive to your body’s cues, you'll higher perceive what you wish from moment to moment. this implies you'll tell the distinction between hunger, thirst, tiredness, and emotional distress.

Instead of reaching for a candy or another but nutritive snack once you’re tired, provide yourself permission to require a nap.

Instead of oversleeping once you’re rummaging a tough emotional time, you'll reach intent on beloved ones, exercise self-care, or see a healer.

Understanding what your body is human activity will assist you higher meet your own wants, resulting in bigger health and emotional satisfaction.

  Improved mental and emotional well-being

When your interoception and proprioception systems aren’t process info from your surroundings properly, it are often nerve-racking.

The body awareness that comes from equalization the proprioception and interoception systems will provide you with a way of security each in your body and within the world around you. It will even result in reductions in anxiety.

Physical exercises for body awareness

Nearly all work up will increase body awareness. this is often very true if the exercise is paired with intentional awareness of the body components and sensations.

Balance exercises

Improving balance is a technique to activate each the interoception and proprioception systems, therefore increasing awareness of the body. Balance exercises are often as easy as walking in a very line or standing on one foot.


Yoga is one among the foremost well-known and wide practiced sorts of body awareness exercise. It involves linking breath and movement to become additional gift in body and mind.

It’s been shown to own multiple advantages, including:

-Easing stressTrusted supply

-Improving heart health

-Reducing inflammationTrusted supply

Tai chi

Tai chi is AN ancient Chinese apply that stems from the martial arts tradition. It involves slow, deliberate movements and breath. It’s become a preferred low-impact exercise, and is additionally called “meditation in motion.”

Tai chi may be a safe and effective sort of exercise for beginners. it should conjointly supply advantages like stress relief.

Walking backward

As silly because it might sound, walking backward may be a good way to boost body awareness.

Walking backward forces you to attach to your body in a very new approach and relate otherwise to your own movement. It conjointly engages muscles that don’t get used as frequently as those employed in regular walking.

Be sure you’re in a very safe surroundings, and move any obstacles from your path before giving walking backward a strive.

Meditation and heedfulness for body awareness

There square measure many heedfulness techniques which will cultivate body awareness.

Body scan meditation

Body scan meditation is that the apply of scanning the body and changing into attentive to sensations like:




-feelings of relaxation and well-being

-This type of meditation might improve sleep, cut back pain, and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Yoga nidra

Yoga nidra is that the apply of consciously quiet the body and changing into attentive to and invoking sensations. It’s usually delineate within the yoga tradition as “psychic sleep,” or swing the body to sleep whereas the mind remains awake.

Movement meditation

Any quite movement meditation will facilitate improve body awareness. Movement meditation is an energetic sort of meditating, during which movements guide the eye.

would like further support developing body awareness and will follow a sensory diet. A sensory

diet may be a program of activities that’s sometimes designed by an activity healer to assist youngsters get the input their bodies would like.

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