Bangladesh's fifty years






The Fiftieth Anniversary of the creation of Bangladesh, India as well as the entire South. It is a happy moment for Asia. The most important thing is that the way Bangladesh has missed India on such an important occasion, its effect will strengthen the foundation of peace and progress of the entire region. It is a country in South Asia, which has proved its worthiness in a short span of time.

Not only politically, socially, but also economically, it is a pride of South Asia. He is our neighbour who has never shown any ill-will towards India. We know the jugalbandi of China, Pakistan, and in the years when we see Nepal as well, then we understand the importance of Bangladesh much better. No surprise at all if Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described this historic watch as a moment of pride at the parade ground in Dhaka on Friday.

Bangladesh is our friend's neighbour, about whom Prime Minister Modi has expressed the feeling of 'neighbour first' many times.

On the basis of cultural, linguistic and social ties of 'neighbour first', Modi is one of the closest allies of India who have always been conscious of Indian interest. Today, Bangladesh also has a major contribution to the peace in the northeastern states. It is also important that the Prime Minister has visited Bangladesh on his first foreign visit at the time of the pandemic. The entire region should bear the fruits of this journey.

Quickly resolve some disputes between the two countries and get involved in the development drive.

When Bangladesh has turned 50, independent India is also moving towards its 75th anniversary. Poverty and communal violence have worried the two countries equally, efforts should be made to make good efforts to say goodbye to the major deficiencies prevailing in the two countries at the earliest. Bangladesh's origin. Liberation and real independence of India are possible only on the fast path of integrated development. The article the Prime Minister has written for the Bangladeshi newspaper on the occasion of his visit will also be remembered.

Indeed, if Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh, had not been killed, the picture of South Asia would have been different today. Bangabandhu understood that pain in totality, through which Bangladesh emerged on the world map. His untimely departure showed the country wandering for some time, but the way he is committed to development today, his example is also given in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister has rightly pointed out that both countries can build an advanced integrated economic zone, which will give both enterprises the strength to move fast. The time has come for those countries who want to be on the side of terror. Now SAARC or SAARC cannot be dragged too much, because the people in need cannot wait. The future of friendship between India and Bangladesh is bright.

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