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Atmanirbhar Bharat is also known as re- packaged version of Make in India, which was announced by honourable prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi on 12th may, 2020. This mission aims at making India a global manufacturing hub, by emboldening both domestic and multinational companies to manufacture their products within the country. This initiative gives identity to the products being manufactured in India. 

Narendra Modi said that “Indians must replace imported products and should become Vocal for Local”.  Now the question arises why there is an urgent need to boycott or replace imported goods or why should we become Vocal for Local?

 Mahatma Gandhi once said that “True Swadeshi is that alone in which all processes through which cotton has to pass are carried out in same village or town.” These words of Mahatma Gandhi call attention to the need for Swadeshi or the need to become Vocal for Local.

The mission to create India self reliant was started before 1947, when the Swadeshi movement was initiated in july, 1905 and the main aim of this movement was to boycott British goods and to promote Swadeshi goods. Swadeshi and the decentralised mode of production was what Gandhi wanted to achieve for all the members of society, including downtrodden. 

Swadeshi is the dynamic concept and not merely economic concept, it is basically an attitude towards life. According to Gandhi Swadeshi means ‘Neighbourliness’. There is no ‘Neighbourliness’ in the society where relationships are frozen. It calls for the freedom from all forms of exploitation. Even Banwari Lal Sharma argues that to save our society, economy and ecology we have to discard the present model of development and revert to Swadeshi.

Atmanirbhar Bharat mission is designed to transform India into global manufacturing hub. Under this mission emphasizes are made on increasing demand and supply chains locally, attracting foreign direct investment, creating employment opportunities, increasing the purchasing power of people and to provide quality goods at affordable and reasonable prizes.

Why Vocal for Local?

Let’s acknowledge this by taking the example of India and China. In 1987, before the implementation of liberalisation and globalisation both the countries were almost equal in terms of GDP. But after that in 2019 GDP of China is 4.78 times greater than India’s GDP. It means China is 4.78 times richer than India. This is because China’s economists and government clearly and whole heartedly focused on manufacturing and producing their own goods and services. We all witness that China have its own search engine, their own applications and they produce and construct almost everything. They don’t rely on imported goods. Due to this rationale of China they are richer than India. 

Besides that we all witnessed the dreadful effects of COVID-19 on the world economy. Due to absolute lockdown in all countries, the imports and exports were hindered, eventually causing the scarcity of prime goods like medicines. This dependency on other countries for crucial goods wasn’t fruitful during tough times. So, to overcome these kind of problems and to ensure availability of goods and services on time we need to understand the need  to become Vocal for Local. 


 Adopting and promoting swadeshi goods is beneficial in numerous ways. Some of the advantages and benefits of this mission are as follows-

DEVELOPMENT OF JOB OPPORTUNITIES- Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission focuses on developing and increasing more job opportunities for citizens, especially young ones. 

FACILITATES FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT- It will welcome more FDI in India. Government of India has promised to improve ease of doing business in India, eventually attracting more foreign investors to invest in India.

SHIFT FROM INTERNATIONAL TO NATIONAL BRAND- This mission will assist in promoting national and swadeshi brands. Since most of Indians are attracted towards foreign brands, this mission will give recognition to native brands.

INCREASING THE VALUE OF RUPEE- More FDI, will bring more foreign currency, which will further increase the value of Indian rupee against us dollar.

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT- This campaign allows Indians to use more advanced tools, gadgets and machinery, which will assist in producing more output at lower costs.

Steps and Measures to be taken to achieve it-

BRANDING- Effective branding and advertising techniques will help the Indian producers to create the product image globally.  Alluring brand symbols, names and images must be used to grasp the attention of consumers.

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) AND SPEACIAL ECONOMIC ZONES (SEZ)-Facilitating FDI and making SEZs will attract many business investors. This will assist in increasing manufacturing in India, giving rise to GDP.

EXPORT AND IMPORT PROCESSES- Making export process easier and levying heavy import duties will encourage exports and discourage imports.

Shri Narendra Modi announced five pillars of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT-

ECONOMY- which brings in quantum jump and not incremental change.

INFRASTRUCTRE- which should become the identity of India

SYSTEM- based on 21st century technology driven arrangement.

DEMOGRAPHY- which is our source of energy in self reliant India.

DEMAND- is the strength of our demand and supply change.

He also announced the comprehensive package of RS20 lakh crores, equivalent to 10% of India’s GDP.  Piyush Goyal, while addressing the media said that “Eliminating unnecessary imports and substituting them with goods made in India will transform India and will provide employment to lakhs of people.” Nirmala Sitaraman , the financial minister of India also clarified that Swadeshi does not mean boycotting every foreign products. 


In nutshell, Atmanirbhar Bharat is the mission in which emphasizes is made on domestic demand and supplies. So our role as the consumer is to substitute international goods with domestic goods like using Indian soaps, shampoos, food products, gizmos and gadgets, etc and our role as the producer is to provide quality goods at minimal costs and to provide opportunities to workers. With the economy facing backlash due to pandemic, we can do our part by sticking to locally made goods, so the funds remain in our economy.


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