Will the COVID 19 vaccine race save people before it's too late?






Will the COVID 19 vaccine race save people before it's too late?

WHO announcement of corona virus existence on December 31, 2019, changed the world to worst like never before. While wild animals roam freely in human habitats, people are caged in their homes. 

Apart from killing nearly a million people so far, it has brought many countries' economies to record lows. All hope to get a COVID 19 vaccine soon on par with the early vaccines like that for polio, measles and others to save their lives and livelihood. But the big question is, will the COVID 19 vaccine race save people before it's too late. 

Vaccines the only saviour from the deadly SARS-CoV- 2:

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID 19 to kill thousands of precious lives every day is only growing every passing day. It does not discriminate between anyone as per nationality, religion, financial status, health condition, and many other barriers. But the novel deadly virus killing spree continues unabated for the past eight months. And it is only a promising vaccine that could save 7.8 billion people in the world. Being a novel virus, even the world-renowned scientists cannot have a clear understanding of its many aspects. And only a suitable vaccine that has completed all the mandatory clinical trials strictly adhering to the WHO guidelines will be the best one. But without it, giving vaccines to millions of people could become counter-productive, causing more severe issues. Even for an ordinary medicine to come for public consumption needs years of trials to become EBM or evidence-based medicine.  

With the above details of only promising vaccine to save people, many medical companies and countries are in a hurry to bring vaccines to the market and people. It may be with the good intention of saving people and also making fast money in these pandemic times. So far, WHO has not authorized Russia's Sputnik vaccine or the Chinese vaccine, which are both started to be given to humans. Sputnik has even tied up with many countries to provide vaccines. But in truth, it has not even completed the vital Phase III of the clinical trials which ensure the safety of the vaccines to administer to people. Even India has agreed to buy it through Dr Reddy's Lab to conduct Phase III clinical trials here. And only on its successful completion, it will be permitted to be ready for administering to people.

The race for the COVID 19 vaccine:

As per WHO, there are 169 COVID 19 vaccine candidates and only 26 are in the human trial phase. The Russian and Chinese also come under this 26 vaccine category only. The scientific experts confirm that three vaccines developed by Astra Zeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer may come out with good vaccines only in 2021. Even the Oxford University developed COVID 19 vaccine for AstraZeneca hit a roadblock recently during its final Phase III clinical trials. 

After a volunteer developed an illness that paused the trials briefly, it is now clear that it was not because of the vaccine, and the trials resumed across the world.  

CDC director has recently said that masks prevent people from viruses even than vaccines. 

Hence rather than waiting for the vaccines, it is better to wear a mask and keep social distancing and other preventive measures to save lives and livelihood.

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