UAE’s Green term – Businesses are mandated to plant trees as a fine for law violation.






Global warming – the buzz word of the new millennium is threatening the world with extreme heat and water scarcity. The only color that can be a solution to this problem is Green. Yes, understanding this fact – Ras Al-Khaimah of the northern UAE imposed a new law on all the business houses to plant trees as a fine or a penalty for violation of the environmental laws.

Mr.Saif Al-Ghais, the General Director of Environment Protection and development authority (EPDA) quoted “Action speaks louder than words”. He implemented the initiative to seed 10,000 saplings in 2020 and rooted it in all the business houses as it is mandatory to plant trees as much as they can both as a punishment as well as a remedy for planet warming. It is the responsibility of the business houses to afford the planting and nurturing costs of the free sapling until the fine amount is adjusted. It’s a sensible move from the authority towards anti-desertification and reducing Carbon dioxide.

A major portion of the UAE is covered with deserts which ultimately makes the zone hot with an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and is expected to rise in the years to come. By considering all these facts, the authority is stimulating the habit of planting trees as an extension to their former ideology of Groasis technology.

If you don't have enough space to plant a tree, then try planting it in a public place like schools, colleges, worship places, etc. It would be the best way to eradicate environmental violations as well as to improve the oxygen rate.

One of the experts from the board of climatic conditions, Aisha al-Sahiri is concerned about the water scarcity that prevails in the whole region as the biggest threat and requesting the stakeholders to come out with the right solution in this regard.

Greenism, modern technology across the world can play an integral part in sourcing water and reducing CO2.

As we all know, it is not possible only with the initiatives of the government and business houses but people from various domains like agriculture, tourism, fossil fuels, the general public, etc., should join hands together to reach the goal of replenishing nature.

Even though many companies are convinced to participate in the glory of greenism, some are questioning about the sapling and the trees planted are not going to give us fruits, income, etc., But, they must realize that the law is yet to initiate for generating fruits or income but it is to save the environment which results for a better future. People, who are lifting their heads towards skyscraper buildings, are expected to have a look at the grounds and participate in the modern technique of Greenism.

After all, it has a core value of safeguarding public health and can be the right answer to the word, “Global warming”.

Change is an internal factor, don’t search for it externally.

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