Why only female leaves her job after marriage? Reason for leaving a job getting married

In this modern world still, females tend to leave their job after marriage mainly to take care of the family. Whatever the position that female holds, she will leave it if the situation is not favorable for her to behold. And it is set in practice our society, girls will leave from their native to shift husband’s place. So it may be another reason for her to quit the job. We have quite many more interesting reasons for a female to leave her passionate job. Let us see some of them below.


  1. To Take Good Care of the Family – Girls are the backbones and strong pillars in every single family and no family are said to run properly without females. They may be either in the form of Mothers and wives. For the younger generation mostly it is wives who tend to leave their jobs soon after marriage to look after the family. If the husband’s family is summed up with ill parents and old aged people, she has to leave her job to take care of them and it is obvious and expected to be done from the female side with no compromise. No boy will leave his career to take off his parents as he is burdened with the financial constraints of the family.
  2. To stick with the Customs and Traditions – Even in this 21st century, certain people stick to old traditions and customs by not letting the woman work after marriage. In many unprivileged parts of our country, this happens and they see it awkward if a girl shares her husband’s burden. They consider it as a custom to be followed. Boys’ parents want their daughter in law only to be a daughter in law and not more than that thereby saying modern culture is not suitable for a family girl and all.
  3. Male Dominance–In many of the families, male chauvinism exists and they do not want their wife’s earnings. They do not let them go for work even in tight situations. In that case, potentials and abilities of the women go in vain undoubtedly. These types of thoughts should be completely rid of and equal rights will be given to women. This has become lessened and obsolete these days because of continuous speech on women empowerment and all.
  4. To bring the Kids bright future – Being a mom is the toughest and most complicated job in the world and no payment is sufficient for this job. Children need parents to support starting from their birth till their settlement in career. Even after that, they need parents’ support. In most of the families, ladies prefer to leave their lovable jobs only to take care of the kids in shaping their career. To bring their bright future they put themselves in dark. A lady can work even after kids only if she is backed with strong support from the family. Else she cannot move on to the next level. But the decision is most likely to be taken only by the ladies and it is wise also if we think it from a mom’s place. 

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