New scam around Paytm KYC that you need to be careful about






There is a new scam around Paytm KYC that you need to be careful about

Scammers have been using Paytm KYC as a means to mark trusted users for quite some time. Although, Paytm is trying to educate consumers about its KYC process and the scams haven’t stopped. Now, a brand new kind of KYC rip-off message is being dispatched to users. The message claims that your KYC report has expired and the Paytm service will expire within 24 hours unless you call them back to reactivate it on the given phone number.

After seeing the message, if you try to dial the given number to verify your KYC status then the chances of getting scammed increases. Someone claiming to be a customer support officer or Paytm KYC govt will obtain your call. The caller will then attempt to scare you via way of pronouncing that your bank, card or Paytm account will be blocked if you don’t download remote access apps like any desk or Team viewer to verify your KYC status. Sometimes, the caller might also additionally even threaten you to download the application. 

If you download any remote access desktop applications, the fraud caller merely wants for the authentication code and will ask you for the same. When you give the 9-digit or 10-digit code to the hijackers, the fraud caller gets to look your phone shown on his PC and they may also even document it. The second you do any on-line transaction from UPI, Paytm, cell banking, and the credentials are stolen. These apps, no matter what you do to your cell, display usually will get recorded on the PC of the fraud caller. The fraudster can see something you're doing at the mobile, the instant you kind the ID/ password of the banking or UPI app, the fraudster really notes it down.

It is mandatory to know the procedure of KYC of Paytm.

Paytm KYC can be approved through a Paytm consultant at your doorstep. Any SMS dispatched via means of Paytm concerning KYC will simplest have a hyperlink to restoration appointments with our KYC marketers or discover the close by KYC points.  Paytm Full KYC can handiest be finished with the aid of using a head to head assembly with the agent at a licensed KYC point. Paytm will never call you and ask you to install any app

It is highly recommended not to download any unknown desktop apps without understanding how they work. Also, by no means download extra apps suggested by any unknown callers. In addition, authentic Paytm KYC center will never ask you to download apps or ship codes, passwords or every other information.


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