Make the warming world cool with the next generation renewable solution






Make the warming world cool with the next generation renewable solution

The world is surrounded by water, but more than that it is surrounded by people in modern times which ultimately results in a warming world. The enormous population is demanding air-conditioned earth which is questionable but this may happen with the new renewable solution termed as “Seawater Air-conditioning” methodology.

Seawater Air-Conditioning (SWAC):

Science may be an ancient word but it is the mantra of the next generation and new inventions. Science is the solution that created and creates histories. One such scientific advancement that is going to be the answer to the warming world is “Seawater Air-conditioning (SWAC).

The population in the world is being uncontrollable and challenge for the humans themselves which flames heat across the earth and results in global warming. The only way people can manage heat is by sitting under Air conditioners.

SWAC is the new terminology and also known as High-velocity seawater air-conditioning in which the cool water less than 700 to 1200 meters of the sea level with 3 to 5 degrees C where it exchanges heat with the district cooling system and sends back the warm water into the ocean. The cooling demand of a region is fulfilled with the cool water stored in the thermal energy plants and pipelines from the bottom of the sea level make this approach a reliable one for making the world a cool one.

Any new methodology or technology that emerges as a new invention has its pros and cons too. Likewise, SWAC has both sides of it. Some of the advantages of this approach are:

  1. Water consumption in cooling systems is massively reduced.
  2. This way of cooling process results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. The cost of maintaining an operational cost is low when compared to other systems.

On the other hand, SWAC also has some disadvantages to be noted as follows:

  1. It may lead to a thermal shock in the plant
  2. The initial investment and fixing up the plant is high
  3. The water that gets into the sea should be given more attention as it may lead to destruction to the coastal wildlife.

Anyway, these approaches of SWAC demands approval from various boards like the Biodiversity board and follow the guidelines of the Biodiversity Act too. SWAC anyhow can be a pioneer and essential inventions for the unimaginable population chanting to reduce global warming.

The author Julian Hunt also states that this technology helps crowd-filled commercial buildings like malls, theatres, airports, wedding halls, hotels, and resorts, etc., to serve air conditioning facilities to their customers or trespasses at a cheaper investment.

The government can take initiatives to test this emerging technology by forming up a national body with local assistance and put an end to the threat to society in the form of global warming.

Cooling the warm world is not only in the hands of the renewable solution, government, but is the social responsibility of everyone on the earth by treating nature as their home and filling their homes with nature.

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