Do politicians need retirement after a specific age






Even the noble prize winning professors have to retire after a specific age. But for politicians, there is no retirement age in most of the countries. Even in all-powerful America, the president can serve only two terms and has to retire, but no age limit for becoming a president. Joe Biden, the president-elect, was one of the youngest senators but now the oldest president. In India, the Supreme Court has barred convicted politicians from contesting elections but not fixed specific age for politicians to retire. Hence, it is time for many people to ask the question, do politicians need to retire after a specific age.

Before answering the above question, it is pertinent to know the answer to why politicians do not have retirement after a specific age. Unlike other professions, politics is not a job attained by any qualification. It is traditionally a way to serve people and gain their confidence to win elections. 

But now it has become more of a dynasty where the politician parents bequeath their political clout to their children. Though not all politicians come to power this way, nowadays it is more the norm. And hence until death or seriously ill, most of the politicians do not retire. Even in the US, only the presidents retire after two terms. Still, senators continue in their posts for decades if elected again. . The main reason for politicians to not have retirement after specific age is they want to remain in power as long as they want or the people choosing them as their representative.  

The world is changing fast every year with technological advancements, innovative inventions, and new challenges. But the political system does not allow the politicians to retire at a specific age. 

It is because only the politicians are known to the people in their specific constituency to become their representatives repeatedly. With no other powerful alternative or only a choice between two or three politicians, the people also do not have a choice to select a younger new representative.  

Most of the people worldwide answer the above question that politicians need to retire at a specific age. It is because of the following reasons, among others.


  • To infuse young and new blood in the political mainstream to utilize the new advancements and changes in many fields to the benefit of the people
  • Bring in new politicians with new innovative ideas to change the existing old system for fresh air into it to rejuvenate it for better benefits of the people
  • To put an end to the vicious cycle of corruption, malpractices, and others in the system by most of the seasoned politicians to win elections and remain in power to continue it.
  • To bring active politicians who can work more for the welfare of the people than the old politicians who are not so involved and physically fit enough to be active also


For the above reasons and more, laws should be enacted for politicians not to be able to contest elections after a specific age for the betterment of the people.


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