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Suppose, you’re a content writer for an in-house organization, and your boss is grilling you to meet the deadline for an article which you have to publish now or never. It doesn’t matter whether you're feeling low or you’re sick, you have to follow your boss’s orders.  Otherwise, they have options as they can choose better writers than you.  Though you’re efficient in your job, you have to bear this mental torcher every day. But what if you decide to quit this boring daily job and become your own boss for the freelance business?

Yes, by choosing work from home jobs, you can decide working hours and timetable. You can decide pay rates which could be decent than the regular paycheck which you get in your current job. Be your own boss and work from home!

You can decide when and how you will work. You can select your own clients and projects in which you’re interested. You can work at your own pace at anytime, anywhere.

If you love writing about your beauty products, you can start your blog. If you like babies, you can opt for the babysitting business.

Your Hobby Can Make Your Freelance Business

Here are be your own boss ideas as follows:

       Freelance writing and translation

       Virtual assistant

       Data entry


       Mobile app developer

       Pet care



       Web designer

       Graphic Designer

Invest Yourself and Learn Something about Your Business

Take 1-2 hours a day and learn something new about your skills and business. If you’re trying freelance writing, you should enroll in online/offline courses, read books, and take suggestions from professionals in your field.

There are plenty of online courses. Sites like Udemy, Coursera, Alison, and edX provide free/paid courses related to various freelance skills.

Bring Useful Technical Tools for Your Freelancing Business

Stay away from your old laptop, buy the new one. Install Microsoft office suite and useful apps like Grammarly on it. You should also decide about your working area. Select a peaceful and neat home office. You should put your desk at the corner of your bedroom with enough lighting.

The Good working area plays an important part to enhance your productivity and creativity.

Prepare Yourself to Get Good Clients

If you’re in freelance writing, make a decent portfolio of your best work. You can start your website/ blog by using free/ paid platforms. Pick impressive samples for which you have worked before. Also, you can make your own samples from the scratch on your blog.

 Write 1 or 2 topics about your topics/niches.

Find Your Preferred Job

It is a digital era and you can find your favourite freelance job very easily on the internet. Check some freelance job sites/ portals to find the desired job in your niche/ topic. Search about companies that let you be your own boss in your topic/niche.

Also, networking helps in finding freelancing jobs. Attend some local networking events and seminars held in your field. In such events, there could be a huge possibility to get new clients. You can do marketing of your skills by communicating well with such clients. Clients who want to work with you, they will ask about your contact information.

Do You Want To Quit Your Current Job?

Don’t do that. The Freelancing world is unsteady. This month, you can get a ton of projects. But next month, you will not have any work in your hands. In the beginning, you should do part-time jobs in freelancing. After initial months, you will become steady in your business as you grow in your skills and experience. Then you can quit your daily job and be a full-time business person in freelancing.

Keep patience as you may not get your first freelance job at the beginning stage. You should believe in your skills.  Be prepared for rejections in the business.

So, are you now ready to become your own boss for a freelance business? Let us know your feedback in the comment box below.

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