Again lockdown






This is a matter of great concern, Nagpur in almost the central part of the country has again come under lockdown, but even more worrying is that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra has also predicted a lockdown in other cities of the state. However, he hopes to say that the situation has not been uncontrollable due to Corona infection yet. Yet the return of the lockdown is compelling thinking.

There is a Janata curfew situation in Jalgaon in Maharashtra and now the lockdown in Nagpur from March 15 to March 21 should be enough to caution us. Only essential services will continue in Nagpur. Last month, all schools, colleges, coaching institutes in Nagpur were closed.

To market Opening was allowed on Saturdays and Sundays, but now full captivity has been announced. Keep in mind, this state already has a ban on social, political and religious events. At one time, there were not even a total of ten thousand cases of corona infection every day in the whole country. But now there are 12,000 in Maharashtra alone. More and more cases have started coming up.

This gives two lessons, the virus is not to be taken lightly and if we have to get rid of the corona, then we have to follow the guidelines of prevention from Kovid-19. There is no doubt that people have been careless towards Corona than before. A large part of our population is no longer even in need of masks. If we look at the vaccination itself, Uddhav Thackeray is one of the late chief ministers who have taken the vaccine.

Maharashtra recorded 1,539 cases in Mumbai on Wednesday, 1,384 in Pune city, 1,513 in Nagpur city, 750 in Nashik, Yavatmal district 403 and 560 in Aurangabad. In all these cities, the government is beginning to feel the need for lockdown.

Of course, the war against Corona has not ended. But special strictness is required in those six states, where most of the cases of corona are being reported in the country. Everyone has to fulfill their role in this together. Cases in Kerala have more than doubled in half of Maharashtra.

What example are developed states presenting to the country? States that are proud of their wealth have come as a corona test for them. People have to be careful from scratch. No one will praise the lockdown, but it is also necessary to see who is responsible for the lockdown. The government that repeatedly issues guidelines or the people who listen with one ear and throw them out of the other?

Vaccination is continuing, so it does not mean that we start wandering fearlessly. Experts have also told that the speed of vaccination now, we will be able to achieve community immunity in 2024 itself. Till then, be cautious, be cautious.

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