5 Reasons Why you Should Vaccinate your Pet in Preparation for Pet Boarding






There are many things to think about when your lovely furry friend goes into boarding. The first and most important thing is to ensure that your dog has been vaccinated ahead of his stay. Now we will explain why this is the most important thing among many other steps.

1. Vaccinations can protect your pet from feeling bad

The main reason why you should opt for vaccination services is to ensure that your pet is safe and won’t get various infections. As you know there are many deadly diseases that can affect your four-legged friend. If you don’t get the needed vaccinations for him then the disease can affect him easily. Airborne or spread via direct contact with an infected animal are one of the top issues. As there are going to be various pets in the boarding facility at that exact time, the spread of diseases will occur. So get the needed vaccinations and rest easy knowing your animal is healthy.

2. You can protect other pets staying in the facility

When you ensure that your pet is not sick and doesn’t carry and infectious diseases while going into boarding, you also keep other animals safe. This will also help to prevent widespread disease because animals infected by your pet will go outside and the virus will passed on to others.

3. You could also protect humans from disease

There are different diseases that can affect humans as well. These are called zoonotic diseases. So if your pet is not vaccinated properly, you can be at high risk of being affected as well. Some of zoonotic diseases include rabies, encephalitis, Lyme disease and tularemia. Therefore, we should say that you need to have your pet vaccinated as soon as possible in order to avoid serious and fatal consequences of diseases.

4. You improve your animal’s immunity

If your pet hasn’t been vaccinated in the last 1 year, the vet will surely recommend it. An animal might have a considerable accumulation of disease-fighting antibodies but this is not about all animals. So that is why you should boost your dog or cat’s immune system via vaccinations. Thus, to ensure that your pet is healthy and safe make sure he has been vaccinated before entering a high-risk environment like kennels. Just speak to the vet and the right vaccination will be prescribed for your animal.

5. Your pet may not be allowed to board without them

Note that there can be boarding facilities that will require a proof from you which will show that your animal has been vaccinated against many diseases. So if your pet is not vaccinated then he may be turned away from the boarding facility. There can be some cases when you will need to show that your animal has had both core and non-core vaccinations. So we recommend checking the entry requirements for your boarding facility before booking it.

Get Help from Professional Veterinary Team

Tranquille Road Animal Hospital is a reliable Kamloops vet clinic that offers you many reliable services and guarantee the bets quality of each service. Our animal hospital is run by Dr. Anil Sharma. He is a licensed, qualified Kamloops veterinarian and you can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands at this hospital.

Tranquille veterinary clinic is a full service animal hospital that delivers various kinds of services including surgeries, dental care, vaccinations, pet nutrition services, spaying/neutering and many others. Offering the best possible care for your animal, our Kamloops vet clinic has a friendly staff and we offer a very calm and warm environment so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting one of our vets.

Once you deal with our Kamloops Veterinarian, you can be sure that our staff will be very attentive to your animal. We offer many types of vaccinations and they can vary depending on your pet’s age, medical history, breed and other factors. We believe in the power of vaccinations and that is why we always recommend getting your pet vaccinated on time. This will help you avoid many future issues and prevent a lot of deadly viruses.  

Tranquille veterinary clinic believes in giving you the most suitable options on treatments as well as informing and educating you. We know that very often animals suffer from their owner's mistakes and this is when the need of educated pet owner arises. The Kamloops Veterinarian is always ready to provide you with advice on how to handle each situation so that your furry friend will get maximum results of your choices.

Just let our Kamloops Veterinarian provide the suitable vaccination services and this will ensure that your pet is healthy. Many serious diseases can be easily avoided if you get the vaccination service from us. No matter your animal is going to enter boarding facilities or not, you need to have them vaccinated from just being a puppy. Simply call us today and let us provide the right vaccination so your animal can avoid many dangerous and life-threatening diseases. If you have noticed that your dog likes to hang out with other pets, ask these pet owners whether they have vaccinated their pets or not. This will ensure your pet’s safety as well.

For further information on vet vaccinations as well as pet boarding services, just contact us at Kamloops vet clinic and we will deliver more details. Do not forget that your pet should be vaccinated before boarding. So what are you waiting for? Consider us for taking care of your pet and Tranquille Road Animal Hospital will never leave you disappointed! 

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