5 Reasons Why Smart People Rarely Find Happiness






Happiness is something all people around the globe wish to achieve but is only truly experienced by a few. The smartest of people who walked on earth have also fought the most hardest battles, mostly in their minds. For a lot of intelligent people, whatever it is that's in their life just never seems enough for them. It's almost as if they're always looking for something new. Here are 5 reasons why smart people are rarely happy;

1. They over-analyse things.

Individuals with high levels of intelligence often overthink and analyse every situation and person around them. They also have this innate ability to see through people's exterior and understand the true intentions behind their actions; it can be quite helpful but overall causes way too much frustration. Just knowing that people around you don't have good intentions or are being fake while being nice on exterior, it truly feels like a burden. The phrase "Ignorance is bliss" perfectly sums this up as the issues of globe and philosophy often have no solution, atleast on an individual level; which makes them feel helpless and frustrated. 

2. They have high standards.

People with high intelligence level have an idealistic perspective of the world. Their standards about the world and people are way too high and most times real life feels disappointing because of this very reason. This makes them struggle to cope with the actual reality and since their expectations are never met, it inevitably leads to the feeling of great disappointment. 

3.  They are self-critical.

The continuation of the above point; intelligent people idealise everything, including themselves. They also go through flashbacks of their life moments which made them feel embarassed or humiliated a lot more than than average people. Due to this they often end up blaming themselves and their head is filled with regrets. 

4. They are overly ambitious.

The complex mind of highly intelligent people gives them the ability to see a bigger picture and always crave for something more. No matter how many things they have achieved in life they still feel unsatisfied and set more milestones to achieve. Since they're so idealistic, they don't enjoy the mundane things in life. They often feel like they're at a wrong place and in the wrong time. 

5. They don't feel understood. 

Everyone wants to have meaningful conversations with a like-minded person and wishes to be accepted and validated. Highly intelligent people struggle to find someone who think and feel just like them which makes them feel misunderstood and lonely; that no one is able to see them for who they are and appreciate their unique brilliance. 

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