3 Easy Recipes with Frozen Fruit Pie Filling






With all of the work that goes into making a delicious, hearty meal for dinner, it can seem like a chore to get started on making a dessert too. Preparing doughs, batters, and fillings seems like more trouble than it is worth by that point. But you have to remind yourself that dessert does not have to be such a burden. In fact, making dessert can be a pretty simple process if you know some tricks. One of which is utilizing frozen fruit pie filling, the good friend of the home baker. While it may seem like a single-purpose product, it is not one to underestimate. Frozen fruit pie filling is as versatile as it is easy to use. Once you select the exact fruit fillings you want, you can make all sorts of dishes. Take a look at some of these desserts that highlight this ingredient and make dessert a piece of cake.

  1. Parfait Layers

It really can be this easy. To make a fresh, cool dessert at home, you don’t have to make too many of the components by hand. Get some ice cream, whipped cream, and frozen fruit pie filling of course ahead of time and let them defrost or soften up enough to be easy to scoop and work with. Layer them up in individual containers and let them rest in the refrigerator or on the table if it will not be long before you get to them. Once it is time to take them out to eat, enjoy this cool, sweet treat.

  1. Cupcake Filling

It does not take much to turn an ordinary vanilla cupcake into an impressive treat that looks like it involved much more effort than it actually did. While your cupcakes are baking, heat up the fruit pie filling and wait until they are cooled down a bit to get going. Remove a little bit of the cupcake from the center and scoop in some of the filling. It doesn’t take much. Top your cupcakes with frosting and set them out.

  1. Fruit Turnover

Whether it is an after-dinner dessert or a morning snack with coffee, this homemade fruit turnover cannot be any easier. Get some ready-to-go puff pastry from the grocery store and cut out the squares. Add the defrosted frozen fruit pie filling on top and fold them in half to be baked.

This list is about as varied as it gets with frozen fruit pie filling being used in a new way each time. You do not need to empty your cabinets or hurt your brain thinking up ways to make dessert at the last minute. All you really needed to do was keep a package or two of frozen fruit pie filling in the freezer for times like this. And it’s as simple as that. No one will even know (or care) that you took a shortcut to the finish line because the end result was most definitely worth it. For your own frozen fruit pie fillings and other baking goods, you can visit Stover & Company online and make your desserts easy as pie.

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