10 Things Women Should Stop Apologising For






All my life I have seen women apologising every now and then. We are conditioned by the society to feel sorry and guilty all the time, for not being good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, independent enough, capable enough and so on. But, it is high time we spell the truth of being “enough” out to the world, shake off the weight of guilt from our shoulders and stop apologising right away. Here’s a list of 10 things we should never feel guilty about nor apologise for.

1. Being ourselves

Women are often made to feel bad about their appearance, behaviour, education, profession, life choices, and so on. This is completely unacceptable, and needs to be called out for. Let’s just stop feeling sorry for being ourselves. Let’s be proud of the person that we are.

2. Staying away from toxicity

Cutting off from toxic people and negative influences in life is an utmost necessity for survival. If you choose to be selective about the kind of people surrounding you, you are not selfish, it is the most sane thing to do.

3. Doing things that make us happy

It is important to do what gives you happiness and peace of mind. If a woman loves to teach children, she should unapologetically do the same without caring for all the unsolicited advice she may receive from others.

4. Asking for help

Women in many families do a lot more work than men, often also juggling a full-time job with everything else. Often, there is too much for a person to do, and at such times, one should ask for help, without being sorry for it.

5. Not trying to please

At times, we try too hard to please others. But it is important to remember that sometimes the problem is not with us, but with those who are difficult to please. Moreover, people who have genuine love and care for you never coax you to please them, they accept you as you. So it would be better if we quit trying to please people or going out of our way to please them.

6. Prioritizing ourselves

Quite often women ignore the most important person in their lives – themselves. Putting everyone else before your own self eventually takes a toll on mental peace and also physical health. So, let’s learn to prioritize ourselves and not apologise for it. Self-love is more peaceful than self-denial.

7. Standing up for oneself

If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who else will? Trust me, no one else will do it. Standing up for what we feel is right and just is something we should never apologise for. Silence nonetheless allows violence, so speaking up is important.

8. Having an opinion

Gone are the days when women were subjugated so much that they were not endowed to even vote, they wrote fiction using male pseudonyms. But now we know our rights better, and we are entitled to have our opinion.

9. Taking our own decisions

From what career we want to build up to what kind of curtains to put up in the living room, from whom to vote and whom to marry, from when to have a child or whether not to have one, we can decide it all ourselves. There is nothing more liberating than taking your own decisions in your life.

10. Living the life we want

Every woman is entitled to live the life she wants. But how many of us really do that? Society and family push us to live according to their dictates, and most of us succuumb to it. This should change. We need to own our lives and not apologise.

Nothing will actually change unless we quit feeling guilty for anything at all. So let’s live unapologetically, and give up guilt, shame, and sorrow, and build a better tomorrow!

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