10 Surprising myths and facts about cats and dogs that EVERY pet parent should know






Very often pet owners get surprised when they hear things about their dogs and cats. In fact, there is no need to feel confused because today we can help you unfold all those myths while knowing the real facts.

If you are keeping a cat or dog, it is important to know each and every fact about your lovely furry animal. Note that many myths can mislead you a pet parent, so knowing the real facts is really vital. Checking every fact before following it is highly recommended. Thus, you will be able to help your animal live a healthy and happy life. Go on reading and you will find our interesting facts about dogs and cats that are worth knowing.

Let’s explore the following points we have prepared for you below. These facts are really surprising.

·       When dogs consume bad and spoiled foods, use their tongue like toilet paper, various microorganisms can get into their mouth. So later, when they lick your face, you will be attacked by these germs and they will bring various health issues including diarrhea.

·       If humans are sick, pets can get H1N1 swine flu caused by their owner’s sickness. That is why, vets advise you to use separate beds for you and your dog, especially when you are sick.

·       Believe it or not, dogs can smell hypoglycemia. So if you are diabetic your animal can sense you as a diabetic owner and can warn you by barking, pawing and licking. There are even such dogs which are trained as diabetic-service dogs. 

·       Well-trained and smart dogs are like children of 2 years old. How? This is because their abilities allow them to understand the human speech. You can teach your dog up to 250 words but some dogs can learn up to 150 words.

·       Those white cats who have blue eyes are usually deaf. If you see one eye is blue then that side is probably deaf. So check one more time before deciding to keep a white cat.

·       Based on a myth, cats can land on their feet. However, they are also able to land on their heads but only when they lose their balance. This is also called high-rise syndrome. 

·       Believe it, your dog can also dance! Surprising, right?

·       Just because cats have a small scent gland on the upper part of their mouth, they smell with their mouth. Thus, when it comes to sniffing, they will open their mouth firstly and take the smell to the gland. 

·       Dogs sway their tails just because they are happy enough. However, there are two more reasons. When they want to protect themselves, they will again wag their tails and feel scared. However, they will sway their tail natural without any stress when they feel relaxed and have a good mood.

·       Cats can bite you if you have not had a contact with them after their birth. According to feline experts, cats should contact humans regularly within the first seven weeks of their birth in order not to harm them.                                                                                                                                        

 As you see, these facts are quite surprising but knowing them can surely help you. Now let’s see how to take care of your cats and dogs in a better way.

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