Tiktok Tortilla Wrap Hack






                                                                           TIKTOK TORTILLA WRAP HACK


Tortilla wrap hack is basically a new and the smartest way ever to make a wrap. You make a cut from the middle of the tortilla down to one edge, fill the different quadrants with fillings, then fold it all up into a neat triangle that can be eaten as is or grilled.

This amazing wrap hack was first invented by @ellcarter1 on Tiktok. 

How to wrap hack

  1. Lay your tortilla out on a cutting board. Take a knife and make a cut from the middle of the tortilla down to the edge.
  2. Imagine the tortilla being divided up into four quadrants or quarters. Place a different ingredient into each quadrant.
  3. Fold the wrap up, starting from the bottom left quarter, folding it up over the top left, then folding it over to the top right, then folding it down to the bottom right.
  4. Enjoy as is or grill in a panini press or pan. 
  5. You can customize this wrap according to your wish by changing the ingredients according to your taste and making it a new dish every time.

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