The increased love for baking in lockdown






Hey, Hey! Have you noticed the upsurge in dessert cravings during the lockdown?

Are your social media feeds too filled with friends making scrumptious sugary desserts at home?

Well, I personally fell in love with baking and binge watched hundreds of baking videos. 

In this disastrous time period, everyone out there is looking for ways to cope up with stress. Just imagine if someone walks up to you, with a ubiquitous bread loaf soaked in sweet sugar, coated with melting chocolate, and garnished with finely chopped crunchy nuts😋. Oh god! Uff! There can't be a dream sweeter than this. And lockdown forced people to stay in their homes, away from this sweet dream☹️. But we are humans afterall, and we devised ways to live in that dream. And the way is BAKING. Yes, baking that sweet bread loaf yourself. We combined self expression and sugar. Can there be something more soothing than this combo? I wonder!

In the last 6 months, 'Hershey', the biggest chocolate products manufacturing company in India, has witnessed a quick upsurge in sales. They have now collaborated with swiggy and zomato as well, to meet the increased demands and in order to enhance their supply system.

- As all the bakeries are closed and people are stucked in their homes, they are making cakes by themselves to celebrate birthdays, anniversary, parties or baby showers. 

Why Baking:

 Bread and sugar, two staple items and integral part of every kitchen, when combined, act as a warm hug when you are stressed and need them the most. Stress affects your cortisol levels, a hormone that when elevated will alter your circulating levels of glucose and insulin. Stress triggers cravings and hunger in our bodies. Having sugar acts as a temporary shift for the mind in an 'ocean of hapiness'. Sugar consumption increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter regulating appetite, mood and social behaviour. As, sugar boosts serotonin, you dive in temporary hapiness, and your brain craves this happy chemical again and again. 

Also, bread is something that unites people across the globe. Instead of simply shopping for it, baking bread has become a very common way for people to comfort themselves in this time of crisis. The art of baking, which was earlier reserved to professionals has strengthened it's roots in every home.

Baking, a therapy:

Think of a work in which you consciously put efforts, spend time religiously waiting for the output and the final result is something sweet and positive. Baking, is this very thing. It requires a lot of patience, efforts and skills. But if you are enthusiastic to learn it, it's one among the best things that can ever happen to you. It's a great art of self-expression and honing yourself. Also, sharing recipes on the internet acts as a means of spreading positivity during these negative times. So, let's unite together and spread positivity.

So, are you going to bake in the coming days? Tell me in the comment section.

Also, if you want something spicy along with cakes, click on the below mentioned link:


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