Recipe of garlic cheese toast






Garlic Cheese toast is something which everyone likes because it is very delicious, easy to cook and it is enough to satisfy your hunger.

Today in this blog I am sharing a recipe of how you make garlic Cheese toast. I am sure you will like this recipe very much.

So let's see how to make garlic Cheese toast.

Now the question arises.....

How to make Garlic Cheese toast?

Ingredients required-

1. Bread- 6 slices

2.  Three spoon of butter

3. Finely chopped garlic two spoon

4. Cheese 1 cup

5. Oregano 3/4 spoon

6. Chilli flakes 1 spoon


1. Take out butter from fridge and wait till the temperature of butter becomes equal to the room temperature.

2. Now take a bowl.

3. In this bowl add butter and garlic and mix it very well with the help of spoon.

4. Now take a pan and put it on medium gas flame.

5. Now take a bread and on the both side of bread apply the paste of butter and garlic evenly.

6. Now put this on pan.

7. Wait till bread becomes crispy from one side.

8. After that when bread becomes crispy from one side turn it and let other side of the bread becomes crispy too.

9. Now add cheese on top of the bread.

10. Now wait till cheese melt.

11. Cover your pan and cook garlic Cheese toast in low flame.

12. Also take care that your toast not burn in this process.

13. When cheese melts on your bread completely then take out it from the pan.

14. Your garlic Cheese toast is ready to serve.

15. You can garnish it by sprinkling oregano and Chilli flakes on top of it.

16. You can also serve you garlic Cheese toast with tomato ketchup also.

Try this recipe at your home because it is very tasty and easy to make. Once you try this then definitely you will become fan of this recipe. 

This recipe is very tempting, delicious and mouth watering.

If you like this recipe feel free to share it with your friends and do write your experience in the comment section . I would love to see your comments.

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