Amidst narrow lanes buzzing with crowd lies a legendary street named 'Parathe wali gali'.

Yes, you heard it right guys, today we are going to talk about 'foodies heaven', the world famous 'parathe wali gali'.

From students to celebrities, nobody has been able to resist themselves from experiencing the amazing gastronomical experience offered by this paratha paradise. Along with paratha, the place is also famous for maliadar lassi, Bedmi poori, mouthwatering banana chutney, halwas, chatpati aloo gravy and much more.

Now let's discuss some of the famous food points of this place:

1. Sharma Bhojnalaya: If you are craving for sweet malaidar lassi, the place is definitely meant for you. The lassi is served in earthen pot(kulhads) giving it a strong classy Indian touch. If you ever visit, enjoy thandi-thandi lassi with garma-garam parathas and aloo ki gravy.

Price for two: INR 100

Address: paranthe wali gali, Chandni Chowk

2. Kanhaiyalal Durga Prasad Dixit Parathe Wala:  If you are planning to throw a paratha party, it's one of the best place to pig out with your crazy fellows. The place has a bunch of large benches and tables. If you are visiting alone, you might have to share your table with a stranger. A thali full with chatpati aloo gravy, mouthwatering banana chutney and petha awaits your arrival. The menu offers a dozens of parathas. Aloo paratha, Matar paratha, Banana paratha, Papad paratha, Rabdi paratha, Bhindi paratha, Gajar paratha, you name it and they make it. Guys, the Rabdi paratha and papad paratha are a must-must try.

Price for two: INR 150

Address: 36, paranthe wali gali, Chandni Chowk

3. Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala: Crispy kachoris dipped in garma-garam aloo curry are one of the best things you can ever fit in your mouth. The mildly spicy Kachoris topped with tinge of coriander are gonna make your taste buds dance in delight.

Price for two: INR 100

Address: 1104 gali Bhojpura road, Chandni Chowk

4. Kedarnath Premchand Halwai: The place is popular for serving, India di jaan and Dilli di shaan, everyone's all time favorite snack, 'SAMOSA'. Guys, the place serves one of the best matar samosa along with apetizing sweets. Along with Samosa, their Gajar ka halwa, Lassi and Gulab jamun are also a must-must try.

Price for two: INR 100

Address: Shop no. 4, Tiraha kinari bazaar, paranthe wali gali, Chandni Chowk

5. Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan: The place is immensely popular for it's lip-smacking 'Khurchan' and Pudina parathas. The pudina parathas stuffed with pudina, served with mint chutney and garnished with coriander powder are definitely gonna steal your heart for good. 

Khurchan is more like a dessert paratha.

Price for two: INR 150

Address: 34, paranthe wali gali, Chandni Chowk

So, that's all in today's blog. Do visit the place and as the place is always swamped with people, bewareof pickpockets. Wishing you a relishing journey.

Bye-Bye guys...

keep growing...

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