Milk-based dessert recipes to try out in 2021






Milk-based dessert recipes to try out in 2021

India is a land of festivals and occasions. And no festival is complete without sweets and desserts.

Sweets and desserts are inseparable and most important part of every Indian festival.

Among a wide range of Indian sweets, milk is one of the basic ingredients. You can find milk in most of Indian sweets and desserts.

So here are some all-time favourite milk-based sweets and desserts recipes which you can make easily in your kitchen with easily available ingredients in your kitchen.

1)Rasmalai -

Rasmalai is a traditional Bengali sweet made up with chena discs soaked in rabri or thickened milk. It is a milk rich dessert and tops the chart when it comes to a mouthwatering delicious dessert.

2)Malai Roll-

This dessert can be a show stealer when it comes to festivals, parties or any other occasion. Malai roll is another version of Bengali malai roll. It is prepared by stuffing sweet khoya or mawa in bread slices which are then rolled tightly and then immersed in flavoured thickened milk. It is often garnished with dry fruit, cherries and tutti frutti.

3)Malai Burfi-

This is yet another delicious milk rich dessert. It is prepared by thickening milk with the gradual addition of sugar. It is then flavoured with cardamom powder, rose or kewra essence and garnished with chopped almonds.

4)Milk Cake-

Milk cake is one of the famous milk-based Indian sweet. It is made by boiling milk till it reduces to half of its volume and then curdling it with the help of lemon juice or vinegar. Sugar is then added to curdled milk which is then allowed to thickened and set for about 3-4 hours before serving.


When you are talking about Indian milk-based sweets then rabri would be the one which comes first on everyone tongue.

It is made by boiling milk on low flame till it gets reduced in its volume and becomes thick.

Basically, rabri is a thickened sweetened milk having a thick volume of malai in it. It is often flavoured with saffron milk, cardamom powder or rose water and garnished with chopped dry fruit.

Beside all these homemade easy milk-based Indian desserts recipes there are yet many more which you should give a try and satisfy your cravings for sweets.

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